Sorsogon businessman victim of irresponsible news reporting on Chua kidnapping

NOT TRUE: Nelson Doloiras a prominent Sorsogon businessman unfairly dragged into Chua kidnapping. Photo courtesy of BicolTV Sorsogon
NOT TRUE: Nelson Doloiras a prominent Sorsogon businessman unfairly dragged into Chua kidnapping. Photo courtesy of BicolTV Sorsogon

By Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.

SORSOGON CITY, 27July2013 ( – The agony of businessman Nelson Doloiras of this city has not yet ended after local media network got wind of his alleged involvement in the Sally Chua kidnapping case.

Unknown-sourced text messages have been circulating among his friends and persons who know him in the city spreading out malicious questions regarding his assets, business, dealings, etc, that farther add anguish to his tarnished image.

“This is agonizing for me and my family, all because of  irresponsible media reporting,” was Doloiras’ first statement when he narrated to how his name was linked to a July 5 kidnapping in Quezon City that ended in Davao City.

Doloiras described himself as a self-made man who labored to establish his businesses to what they are now. In his late fifties, the bearded Doloiras owns a popular restaurant, a gasoline station and distributes liquefied petroleum gas.

Denying ownership of the white Mitsubishi Montero used in the Chua kidnapping with temporary plate number BW 3086, he went to the office of the Anti-Kidnapping Group in Camp Crame in order to clear his name without them inviting him.

“I opted for this upon advised of my lawyer friends, I was greatly surprised and worried when I received a call from my daughter who informed me that Nelson Doloiras, my name, was tagged as possibly involved in the Chua kidnapping”.

“I was told by AKG that if I am a suspect, they will come knocking at my door, it was such a relief, ” he said.

“I also clarified with them that the case of my laminated Isuzu Elf OR/CR found at the Montero is hard for me to explain. What I surmised was that the kidnappers gassed up at my gasoline station on their way to Matnog for their ferry connection. The Elf’s door was not lock while park at the station.  It’s somewhat old and the OR/CR was conspicuously displayed. Its loss was not notice by us. Or, as the AKG surmised I might be the next target of the kidnapping group.” he explained to

“When I verified it the official receipt was dated 2010. Besides it was not the only document found at the vehicle, there were also nine (9) more car registrations, unluckily my Elf’s registration took the hit,” was how Doloiras explained his actions after learning of the incident.

Adding, “when dzMM reported it, I went to the  station and talked with Julius Babao who aired the news, he called up their field reporter in Davao and they were informed that in breaking the news, the report failed to verify my (alleged) complicity in the crime, using primarily the Elf’s official receipt and certificate of registration in my name as my link to the kidnapping.

They (DZMM) apologized to me of this error saying that sometimes raw data becomes primary because of beating the competition.

He also mentioned that MindaNews on July 19, came-up with stories clearing his name and answered partly the why’s of his alleged involvement.

His narration continued: “Privately, it causes me irreparable damage, there’s a text blast going around here in our city about this, and they are again questioning my personal life, how I acquired my assets, how I earned my social standing in the community. They are circulating it among businessmen here, and most of them are my brother Masons. It’s not isolated anymore.”

“I asked the Anti Kidnapping Group of the Philippine National Police to send me copy of their investigation and findings which they promise, it’s the only way for me to prove my innocence, he said. []


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