Sorsogon Bishop on P-Noy SONA: Lacks details on how to fight poverty


By Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.

SORSOGON CITY, 24July2013 ( – The hierarchy of the Roman Catholic church here was not totally impressed with President Aquino’s fourth state of the nation address saying that it lack details on how to combat poverty.

This was the view of Bishop Arturo Bastes when interviewed by The one hour forty minutes address to the nation by the president was targeted more on the movers of the economy rather than dealing with the persisting question of poverty pervading in the country. This is the failure of the address.

Clarifying Bastes said that Sorsogon has not felt the 7.8 percent growth rate of the GDP, the economic situation of the people here are the same, poverty is everywhere, corruptions  permeates the bureaucracy.  The government could have done better, its vast resources does not trickle to the poor as what their data is showing.

Nation's State: Promises, High Prices, Poverty, Corruption. PHOTO BY MON RAMIREZ
Nation’s State: Promises, High Prices, Poverty, Corruption. PHOTO BY MON RAMIREZ

There is a wide gap between the rich and the poor and the gap is widening, these area should have been address by the SONA, added the bishop. “We have seen how the poor become poorer, and how they suffer, this has been an agony of the poor”. The President should have laid out his social enhancement program instead he overstated the 4P’s program was the observation of Bishop Bastes.

Taking the view of the man on the street, they shared the same sentiments with Bastes saying that they have not felt the economic gains as pronounced by the national government. They want more concrete programs not the statistics which could not feed a hungry mouth. []



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