Gov’t soldier plays lustful acts on hapless woman in Sorsogon


Magallanes, SorsogonSORSOGON CITY, 18July2013 ( – Human rights group here reported the alleged molestation of a 30-year old woman (name withheld) by a soldier of the Army 3st IB when the soldiers were under combat operation in Barangay Tagas, Magallanes, this province.

According to the victim as narrated to Karapatan, a fact-finding human rights group, she was lured by the soldiers in a nearby hilly portion near her house, and alone, she was mashed and molested by a soldier while the other soldiers were watching in delight.

The woman, out of fear,  was coerced by soldiers to go with them since they were, in a hostile manner, looking for her husband who went to the nearby town earlier.

The victim claimed she was kissed, touched and mashed in her private parts several times while in the soldiers’ custody. []


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