Sorsogon City Mayor Lee house-cleaning city hall; budget deficit problems seen

Sorsogon City Mayor Sally Lee. BICOLTODAY.COM PHOTO
Sorsogon City Mayor Sally Lee. BICOLTODAY.COM PHOTO

SORSOGON CITY, 12July2013 ( – City Mayor Sally Lee has found more “hidden skeletons in city hall’s closets”, barely two weeks after her assumption as city chief executive.

The previous administration has left the city coffers “half-empty,” a bloated personnel of some 2000, most of whom were political ward leaders and campaigners of the previous mayor, huge budget deficit, double entries in the account books and duplication of functions.

These were the partial results from her audit and house-cleaning on what is “left behind at city hall” after the outgoing administration had packed their suitcases and left.

“My assumption as Chief Executive of the City of Sorsogon begins with a house cleaning aimed at putting an end to wasteful expenditures. The briefing and documents that I received from the City fiscal managers point to a bloated budget of 488 million half of it already spent. Good public governance with an end benefit to our constituents will be the centerpiece of my administration,” the Mayor said.

“I have tasked them to look for fiscal expendables and implement measures which can trim down this budget deficit. With it, fix and movable assets of the city government will be inventoried, immediate settlement of cash advances of disbursing officers will be demanded, and judiciously prioritize city expenditures,” she said, referring to the financial mess that must be worked out.

According to Ramil Marianito, city information office, there is about 2000 contractual workers hired by the previous administration and that Mayor Lee must resolve to stop.

“The monthly internal revenue allotment of 25 million pesos is not enough to pay the obligated salaries which I inherited out of the 2000 contracted employees hired by the previous administration most of whom served as their campaigners to gain control and deprive us of our needed social services benefits. This must stop,”  Mayor Lee declared as her policy. []


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