Sorsogon governor Lee calls for peace talks

Newly appointed Sorsogon provincial administrator Robert Lee Rodrigueza. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO
Newly appointed Sorsogon provincial administrator Robert Lee Rodrigueza. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO


By Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.

SORSOGON CITY, 10July2013 ( – The armed hostilities between army troopers belonging to the 31stInfantry Battalion and leftist elements were a top ranking regional NDF member was among the casualties four days ago have escalated in different parts of the province, prompting Governor Raul Lee to issue a statement calling for an end of hostilities between the two sides.

The statement was released by the office of the provincial administrator Robert Lee Rodrigueza late yesterday afternoon upon receiving reports that the encounters were no longer isolated.

The statement of the Governor, according to provincial administrator Rodrigueza, has “marred the image of the province, undermining the efforts of the provincial leadership to put Sorsogon in the map of secured tourist destination and investor’s hub”.

He added: “I appeal and call upon all parties to initiate a meaningful dialog to start in the local level in order to preserve life and explore all avenues to implement doable formula for a lasting peace.”

Rodrigueza explained that the Governor is keen to preserve life for both sides, for grief will forever stalk a loss in a family.

Instructing his provincial administrator, Lee wants to open a dialog for all stakeholders, inviting the leaders of the inter-faith community to join in the aspiration to achieve a lasting peace in the province.

Asked if he will lead the exploratory works to end the hostilities, Rodrigueza remarked that the “provincial government resources is being offered by the Governor as an initial step for both sides to initiate an end to hostilities”. Clarifying, he said he will recommend the convening of the provincial peace and order council for the Governor to study closely the volatility of the armed confrontation of the warring sides in order to minimize the negative impact of the incidents. []


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