The saga of continuity

Until when they will influence Sorsogon politics. (From Left) Rep. Deogracias 'Ding' Ramos (2nd District) , Sorsogon City Mayor Sally Lee and Rep. Evelina Escudero (1st District). BICOLTODAY.COM PHOTO
Until when they will influence Sorsogon politics. (From Left) Rep. Deogracias ‘Ding’ Ramos (2nd District) , Sorsogon City Mayor Sally Lee and Rep. Evelina Escudero (1st District). BICOLTODAY.COM PHOTO

Marginal Note
Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.

After the dust subsided for the victors of the just concluded election, events unfolded for a political family. What comes after the victory or say after a defeat is an experience that needs millions of reasons to understand.

Every political family is not immune to it. The saga of political continuity starts after every victory and ends until the rejection of the anointed one. What they are looking is not the present but the days to come, the how’s, the what if, the why’s, all contributory on how to play the game next time. Common examples are the multiple winners, the double losers and the lone victor. They are not separated but link in the next game plan of political survival.

Let me narrow it this way. Sorsogon politics their dynasty.

The Escudero’s a multiple winner, occupied six elected public position, a senator, congresswoman, a vice-governor, board member, vice-mayor and municipal councilor. The other players would take a beeline to them for they will influence the outcome of the next political exercise. Only the vice-governor and the board member tasted political defeat but are now resurrected. They as early have the continuity of rule. What the family achieved is political nightmare to their detractors. The congresswoman may become but a face but the district exposure can be to her other son to be next in line. However unlikely, it maybe, an uncle may end everything in the line of succession. They are the equation.

The Lee’s took the province top position and the prime city hall chair. In between push a son as vice-mayor. The matriarch of the family remained undefeated, the governor twice beaten, son got his baptism of defeat the first time he submitted himself for election. Now, where is continuity here, the son needs a lot of political nutrients and is perceived to be weak, don’t have the acumen of the father to rule tight and support their people, the father is past his prime, the mother political life is dependent on the physical presence of the husband. The grandson voice are in whisper owes their political life to the patriarch. Their support base dwindling, they are not eye to eye with the local church. Desertion among the ranks is near reality. They have earned a lot of political enemies. The near defeat in the last election of the governor is a lesson for the family. Is the heir apparent ready to fill the big shoes of the father anytime?

The upstart Dioneda’s, from being a fifth class municipal mayor his charisma upended his consecutive political defeat to sit six years at city hall. Able to produce a son as provincial board member and almost made him a governor. But father and son lost the political wits to the Lee’s family. He can be around for a long time, an impatient man who needs to be in the political front even in defeat, resorts to media hypes to smash his political opponents. Still he hasn’t touch the Escudero’s except his personal animosity with the vice-governor. How are they to rebound, his resources meager perhaps but unloading assets acquired during his term can be resorted. Ye this debacle inch their name in the subconscious of the electorate.

The bullstrong Ramos of Gubat made sure that he can be the big difference in his district. Prowling the grounds of his political enemies he sweeps the electorate under their feet so to speak, clobbering his opponents in fashion never seen before. Sad for the district, his character will be miss he don’t have an anointed one.

Next time the saga will be the aspirants of tomorrow.



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