We are back to square one, says Sorsogon mayor Lee

Sally A. Lee takes her oath of office before Judge Cynthia Falcotelo, as newly elected mayor of Sorsogon City, Sunday afternoon (June 30, 2013) at Sorsogon Provincial Gymnasium. BICOLTODAY.COM PHOTO
Sally A. Lee takes her oath of office before Judge Cynthia Falcotelo, as newly elected mayor of Sorsogon City, Sunday afternoon (June 30, 2013) at Sorsogon Provincial Gymnasium. BICOLTODAY.COM PHOTO

By Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.

SORSOGON CITY, 01July2013 (BicolToday.com) – With the daunting tasked of putting the house in order, Mayor Sally Lee orders a belt tightening to city hall departments to identify programs and look for duplications, inefficiency and fiscal expendables.

Expecting that the cash position of the city left by her predecessor is almost red, the chief executive will cause the careful audit and inventory of government properties and physical assets to know what they have on hand.

Saying that this has to change, promising to convene in the first one hundred days of her office a summit for all stakeholders to begin “developing an action-oriented economic plan” base on the needs and available resources of the city and its constituency.

Giving emphasis in advance city mayor Lee shall convene a Legislative-Executive Development Advisory Council to chart legislative programs to remedy the lapses of the past city administration.

The thirty six minutes (36min) message deals to pursue what she promised during the campaign giving promise that a traffic scheme which is for the collective good can be implemented. Taking to task the previous city executive, the controversial private public partnership formulated shall be reviewed by her team and the controversial business taxes, the issue of power subsidy and fiscal management shall be corrected.

Referring to the Sorsogon Shopping Center deal, the Grand Terminal and the sweetheart deal with the coco juice business will be an initial step to recover what is rightfully due to the city coffers promising that her term will be investor friendly.

Tagging her speech against her detractors in politics, the incoming city mayor swipe at her predecessor telling her audience that the character –first program will be re-introduce saying that it is a real test of character to be magnanimous in victory and graceful in defeat.

Pointedly saying that illegal hack fights shall no longer be allowed outside of the regular cockpit day merited twelve seconds applause. The issue hit hard to public officials who pass their times in “tupadas” and other illegal gambling activities. This she solicited the help of the city police.

Taking tourism vaguely she said that the city must develop its tourism potentials and “flood the city with more opportunities for work and income”. How to create this atmosphere however was not spelled out.

Addressing her indigent constituents reiterating that a city emergency hospital should be establish, empowering the health workers is key to this and strengthening rural health centers to answer immediate simple and preventable medical needs.

Again taking spat at her predecessor she said, a fresh look at the business regulations, zoning ordinances and cut red tapes that hinders potential and existing businesses, but took the plight of small businesses as the backbone of the economy. This reference was her contention when during the campaign complaints were raised by the business sector because of high taxes.

Mayor Lee is again rebuilding the city, invoking Divine Providence and challenged incoming city officials, the bureaucracy, the stakeholders and the entire constituency to become partners to rebuild Sorsogon City.

Ending, the campaign battle cry was clearly said “Tunay na Serbisyo Lain Pasakit sa Tawo.” [BicolToday.com]


  1. We should feel that slogan “TUNAY NA SERBISYO LAIN PASAKIT SA TAWO”. Sorsoganon from different parts of the world will be waiting “The Progressive Sorsogon City in 2015 – 2016”.


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