Sorsogon Politics: Yesterday, today and tomorrow

The players of Sorsogon Politics: (From Left) Senator Chiz Escudero, Governor Raul Lee and Congressman Deogracias 'Ding' Ramos, 2nd district. BICOLTODAY.COM PHOTO
The players of Sorsogon Politics: (From Left) Senator Chiz Escudero, Governor Raul Lee and Congressman Deogracias ‘Ding’ Ramos, 2nd district. BICOLTODAY.COM PHOTO

Marginal Note
Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.

Politics is a game for the witty, the moneyed, the opportunist and unfortunate, the gallows of losers a kingdom of the powerful. Political landscape became too crowded for what you promise to receive may not be the results of tomorrow. That is true in Sorsogon politics. The players of yesterday are the same today they influenced the outcome and they will influence the outcome tomorrow. Who are the players? They are the winners and losers of 2010 election who played the not so famous rule of political opportunism. They have what it takes to change the political setting waging propagandas, half-truths, coercing and re-alignment to boost whatever is left in their political stock.

The losers of yesterday are the not at all losers, they gained prominence by name recall other earned more financially though oftentimes are butt of laughter and ridicule but not for long. When the breeze of victory subsides, the losers are courted they become the balance in the loose end.

The winners may have millions wasted to good use as they argued, yet they have to recoup for the three years is short to sleep over. The players of Sorsogon will be playing with one another in a crowded arena of many, perhaps two families. Who are they?

Yesterday it was Raul Lee, Salvador Escudero III, Senator Chiz, Deogracias Ramos, Jose Solis they are the main players, their understudy abide the rule of partnership and coalition. The demise of Salvador Escudero was not at all felt for the son took the command. The loser Solis took it to his grave before he can be vindicated by the voters.

Today, the political dynasty in Sorsogon took the limelight away from the celebrities, they hug the news, the Lees took the province and the city, the Escudero’s are runaway winners, they have a senator, a congresswoman, vice-governor, a board member, vice-mayor and a councilor as public servants, Ramos under his wings revealed a power base which for a long time was not seen in the second congressional district, he was astute and resolute in his command.

The situation now calls for refocusing on all camps, the city where the political battle was intense is now in the hands of the Lee family after six years inspite of the support of the Escudero’s to the incumbent. It did not matter to the voters; the lost is traceable to the compounding issues facing the administration of city hall and the shortness of cash assistance by the incumbent from his benefactor. Money as always flew faster in many forms masqueraded in goods. Betrayal became common. The victor shelled five Roxas bills and the losers clip their ballots with three Roxases. It was scary for the leaders yet idolatry took the better of it.

The capitol still with the Lee but the Escudero’s is at length with it, besetting the governor is his suspension by the Sandiganbayan. How about the new players?

Lucky for Sorsogon it has two senators and five representatives this 16th Congress. The new players are the partylist representatives of COOP NATCCO, Anakpawis and Agri Agra, they are the new kids in the block. By themselves they have associated in the last election with the players of yesterday and todays politics, but, they have their own political agenda which can be scary to the players today.

Take Agri Agra, a loner if to compare to a person, no seats in the 15th Congress, boorish in existence before, but astuteness and intelligent planning pull the strings from under, Its suppose votes in Sorsogon could have been the votes of either the progressive blocks, of COOP NATCCO or even the regional AKB partylist, Agri Agra took them by surprise. It presence now has a far reaching effect by 2016 in Sorsogon politics. COOP NATCCO was not in the ballot of the players of today, they labored every vote they have nationwide, their federation was their powerbase, yet, they are non-entities to big political families here. The political lords of Sorsogon don’t need to be upstage by the little giant that NATCCO network produced. The seats it will take will be a backlash for political kings of Sorsogon if they continue to ignore it. The Anakpawis who derived their strength from the fisherfolks in all intent will be courted; they are the rural votes who swing candidates as winners or losers.

The scenario of tomorrow is not new nor it is easy, complicated and all wanted lesser expenses, the voice of today may be hoarse tomorrow, their followers can be swallowed, ambitions grow leaps and bounds, losers may have earned their lessons, they could have done better, the winners should perform better but surely performance is not an issue it is always how you command with your moneyed ballots.

Losers are crying now like queens for they failed to rule their kingdom like a king. The lessons of today will impact the players of Sorsogon in 2016.



  1. What an astute observation. If I may add, I believe that given time , resources, and the right people, some new leaders will emerge in not too distant future.

    There are a group of people that I will call the silent majority that soon may gain the courage to make their presence felt. Time will tell.

    My last name is Escudero but I am of the old, with a different philosophy due to the different circumstances of my life as well as that of my sister.

    We believe that people matter more than any other consideration. There is another kind of politics, the politics of the people, by the people, and for the people. God’s will always prevails in His time.


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