Hotel investments keep pouring in Naga


MANILA, 8Jun2013 – Naga has accelerated hotel investments to meet the demands of the growing tourist arrivals in Bicol’s premier city.

Naga City Mayor John Bongat said Naga has seen a substantial increase in terms of the number of accommodation establishments between 2000 and 2012 and there are hotels that are under construction this year.

“Sogo hotel has just completed, Eurotel is currently undergoing construction and another hotel is coming,” he said at the sidelines of the Metro Naga Development Council (MNDC) press conference held recently.

He said there were huge investments in the said hotel and that investors are upbeat with the tourism prospects in Naga.

Bongat said currently, there are 1,609 rooms in 56 hotel and inns operating in Naga compared to just 22 establishments in 2000 with only 551 rooms.

”What is notable is the fact that in a period of just two years, the number of accommodation establishments in Naga increased by 64 percent, compared to 55 percent over a period of 10 years from 2000 to 2010. The number of available rooms in Naga has almost tripled since 2000,” he said.

The Department of Tourism (DOT) said room capacity is hardly enough with only 162,704 rooms in 6,873 establishments nationwide as of last year.

Starting this year up to 2015, DOT expects an additional 7,000 rooms, yet still fell short of the 183,134 demand for rooms by 2016.

Tourism undersecretary Daniel Corpuz said the room demand for Bicol in 2016, is 15,804, while available rooms were 8,549. There are 130 hotels which are in the pipeline, yet still there room gap is at 7,125.

DOT said there were P3.36 billion or approximately US9 million worth of endorsed tourism related investments in 2012, that brought in 1,356 additional manpower complement.

New facilities to enjoy include the Fairmont Hotel and Raffles Suites with 549 rooms. The Quest Hotels & Conference Center in Cebu has 427 rooms, Calyx Center in Cebu has 221 rooms; Bellevue Resort in Bohol has 159; Tunes Hotel Cebu 150; Luxent Hotel Quezon City, 116; Dohera Hotel- Cebu 100, and Microtel Acropolis in Quezon City, 84; and Solaire Manila has 500 rooms.

Narzalina Lim, President of Asia Pacific Projects Inc. (APPI) said in order to become competitive Philippines must invest in integrated resort destinations.

Based on the 2011 Southeast Asia data in accommodation Bali, Indonesia has a total of 1,825 hotel and resorts with a total of 46,363 rooms.

Phuket, Thailand has 743 tourism establishments, yet bigger in terms of rooms which totaled to 47,333.

Another famous tourist destination, Langkawi in Malaysia has 95 establishments which have 8,400 rooms while Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam had 75 with 2,000 rooms.

In the Philippines, Boracay had the biggest number of accommodation establishments with 358 and 7,751 available rooms.

Mactan has 46 hotels/ resorts with 3,988 rooms, Pampanga has 166 hotels and 7,242 rooms, Zambales, 142 hotels and 4,101 rooms while Bataan has 71 and 1,402, establishments and rooms respectively.

“If you were to add the resort and hotel rooms in our famous Boracay, Mactan, Pampanga, Zambales, Bataan, we have only 24,488 total rooms. Too low compared to Bali alone with 46,363 rooms,” she said. (PNA)


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