65-yr-old pursues high school

Virgilio Pintecase. Photo courtesy of PNA
Virgilio Pintecase. Photo courtesy of PNA

TAGBILARAN CITY, 6June2013 (PNA) – Age doesn’t really matter especially in one person’s long-time dream of finishing his studies.

This energetic pursuit of knowledge will soon be achieved by Mr. Virgilio G. Pintecase, who is to grow more grey hairs on his 65th birthday come June 26, 2013.

Now, he is a sophomore or Grade 8 student under the K+12 scheme. And certainly the oldest among the 3,938 enrollees at the Dr. Cecilio Putong National High School (DCPNHS), formerly the Bohol National High School in this city.

Pintecase, still single, is a resident of Barangay Catarman, Dauis town. He has a lone brother, Leonardo. Their parents already passed away.

He used to be a “tuba” gatherer, or what he calls “mananggiti,” during his younger days. He recalled that at times he joined fishing expeditions with other fisher-folks just to help his parents make both ends meet.

He stopped schooling after completing the elementary grade some 51 years ago.

Asked what prompted him to pursue his formal education despite his age, Pintecase said acquiring knowledge would prevent him from being bullied by those who are learned. Nobody could be fooled if he is educated or knowledgeable compared to those who are not, he said.

He is fondly called “Lolo” by his schoolmates and teachers alike but it is just okay with Pintecase who is determined to complete his studies despite failing his Math and English subjects last year. Candidly, he admitted he finds it hard to study but never ceases to try no matter how hard.

He said he chose to study here because of the school administration, steered by school principal Concepcion Bagotchay, and the friendly teachers and students. He feels at home and welcome after his first attempt last year, he said.

He recalled that when he decided to go back to school last year as freshman, he was not admitted immediately because he has no proof of completing his elementary because all his papers was destroyed by termites in his old school.

But quitting was never on his mind and found an ally in his former classmate, Ceferino Miculob, who testified that he graduated in elementary in their barangay.

Asked if he would like to be promoted considering his age, he said he will rather discontinue his studies as he is determined to experience the hardship and joy of high school life every step of the way. (PNA)


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