Davao mayor to file charges vs CAAP over airport mishap

Cebu Pacific aircraft overshot the Davao International Aiport runway, Sunday June 2, 2013. Photo grab from Facebook
Cebu Pacific aircraft overshot the Davao International Airport runway, Sunday June 2, 2013. Photo grab from Facebook

DAVAO CITY, 4June2013 – Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio is poised to file a complaint against the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) for its refusal to provide information to the city government over the Cebu Pacific plane which overshot Davao airport runway Sunday night leading to its temporary closure.

An incensed Duterte-Carpio said that heads should roll at CAAP-Davao airport for their irregularities in handling the situation.

Duterte-Carpio said Davao City’s 911 chief, Emmanuel Jaldon, reported to him that CAAP officials told them they don’t need any help from 911 because all the passengers of Cebu Pacific Airbus A320 aircraft that overshot the airport’s runway were okay.

The aircraft veered off the runway in heavy rain with 165 passengers on board.

But Duterte-Carpio said upon verification of Jaldon and his men at the airport that night, they found out that CAAP hid the information that there were about 20 passengers who were treated by the CAAP’s physician after suffering and complaining of chest pain, hypertension, stomach pain, and other illness brought about by the tension following the ill-fated aircraft landing.

She said the passenger-patients of the Cebu Pacific aircraft were hidden by CAAP in a secluded place.

Duterte-Carpio said that CAAP only asked the help of 911 when the physician confirmed that he is incapable of treating one patient.

“They will only ask help if they are not already capable of addressing it,” she said.

“We will not intrude in their job at the airport but why will they lie and will not accept help from the city when that is not for them but for the people and one thing, that is for free,” Duterte-Carpio said, adding that maybe those injured people were not that serious, but CAAP should ask help from the city.

Duterte-Carpio said she already instructed Jaldon to prepare the incident report as basis for the city government’s complaint.

Duterte-Carpio said if she has her way, she will immediately remove the aircraft that obstructs the runway because of the huge impact it gives to everybody especially the business sector.

She understands that there is an ongoing investigation, but the priority now is “they should remove that aircraft immediately”.

Also, Duterte-Carpio said the Cebu Pacific Air and other airline companies should be lenient to the affected passengers because of difficulties they are facing out of the incident.

She said she was also at the airport Sunday night before the Cebu Pacific aircraft overshot incident. She checked on a very long power outage at the airport that time resulting to a very long queue of people at the airport.

“I could describe it as pitch black (completely dark), and that was very long, and nothing was moving. They (referring to CAAP) could have asked help from the city government that time,” Duterte-Carpio said. (PNA)


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