SORECO II, time to cut clean


soreco2Marginal Note
Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.

When was the last time that SORECO II, a cooperative by name gave its member consumer dividends is a question that haunts the past and present management.

The board of directors while sitting comfortably in their swivel chairs, enjoying the perks of travels, exercising discretion for big creditors when they failed to meet payment dues are just accommodating, the rank and files are weary seeing the assets of the cooperative go to waste and the consumers are getting nastier and impatient. Who will rescue SORECO II is as old as the great wall.

I am asking why such income generating endeavor swallowed by personal interest leaving it no room to breathe for profit, let me also asked what happened to the Cawayan hydro plant, the Piso Para sa Tugang program taking months to be release, how about travels of the general manager without the sanction of the board or maybe to put it straight why the board allows its general manager lawyer to dabble in practice during paid hours of the cooperative depriving the much needed attention to streamline the operation of coop, it can be concluded that you lack the sense of propriety. Doing so makes me think that you are serving your pockets not your member consumers.

It was bruited that purchased of a non-profitable local cable network torn-up the balance sheet of the coop, meter reading gadgets costing 40 thousand each did not pass bidding process, it was said to be purchase upon the sole discretion of the general manager .

Its existence nowadays is more of political patronage as the case of the last election wherein the board of directors together with the general manager were summoned by a senator to his residence, they were use as a political tool, shameless act betraying its member consumers yet in the mind of the policy making body it is accommodation. Indulging in patronage politics is an admission that management is at best palliative yet decaying.

What about the assets, the supplies has its usual greasy bills in thousands of denominations, moderate your greed as they say, save a little to lessen systems loss, save for the printers ink or maybe lessen your appetite for good meals.

SORECO II was envisioned as a tool for progress, it was not meant to be retrogressing to bankruptcy. Expenses of the coop balloons during general assembly, cash advances triple during this time most perhaps the extras goes with bogus receipts. The consumers wanted to know, they want transparency which it sorely lacks.

Time to cut clean, let the election scheduled this year push through, no excuses for its delay for it will sink the system deeper in a shit of mismanagement. And you, member consumers, be observant, elect only those who have character to serve.

The members call for a direct line that its directors and general manager have the character to serve. They say if it cannot be a cooperative in its sense, turn it over to the National Electrification Administration, by that, you’re saving the spines of SORECO II.



  1. Liwanagin muna natin ang mga dividend ng consumers as part owners and most importantly update our passbooks hindi yung commissions at honorarioms ng BOD.

  2. TAMA!!!! puro mga corrupt, bulsa nila ang laging iniingatan pero sa members/consumers wala silang pakialam.daig pa angmeralco kung makaputol, isang bill lang dmo mabayaran knaumagahan ng due date mo asahan mo kakatukin kna sa bahay mo.samantalang sa meralco kahit 2 bill na muroso mo dka pa puputulan… parepareho lang mga tao sa soreco pati empleyado mana sa mga bossing nila. d yata nila alam na cooperative yan, consumers ang amy ari, at paswelduhin lang sila


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