Albay gov’t commends 2 capitol employees for saving abandoned baby

Charrievi N. Bandol, a master nurse holding the baby she proudly saved. PHOTO BY ELMER JAMES BANDOL / BICOLTODAY.COM
Charrievi N. Bandol, a master nurse holding the baby she proudly saved. PHOTO BY ELMER JAMES BANDOL / BICOLTODAY.COM

By Elmer James Bandol

LEGAZPI CITY ( 2013) – Early intervention and correct procedural actions were the key factors that saved the almost dying newly-born baby girl abandoned at the female comfort room at the ground floor of Albay Capitol, according to Board Member Herbert Borja, who presented today a resolution that commends two Capitol employees for their actions worthy of emulation.

“The resolution strongly commending Charrievi Nidea Bandol, administrative assistant assigned at the Office of the Vice-Governor, for unselfishly without hesitation applied necessary intervention to the baby girl who was in the brink of death for lack of oxygen was revived” Borja explained during the 134th regular session of the 10th SangguniangPanlalawigan (SPA).

Bandol is a holder of Master in Nursing graduated cum laude at the Bicol University and teaches Health Emergency Management to the paramedics and uniformed personnel acting as response team to emergency calls in Albay.

She was the first to apply cardiopulmonary resuscitation to the baby believed delivered hours before abandoned and found wrapped in a towel while her mouth swathed with another piece of cloth prevented her free breath and cry inside a paper bag.

The finder of the abandoned baby, Nelsy Segui, willing to be the finder-keeper. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO
Finder-keeper Nelsy Segui, smilingly willing to be the surrogate mother of the abandoned baby. PHOTO BY ELMER JAMES BANDOL / BICOLTODAY.COM

The baby weighing 2.8 kilos was saved Tuesday at around 4:30 PM when noticed by NelsySegui, another capitol employee, when she was about to use the toilet and found a paper pouch near the bowl which at first she thought it was a bomb.

This happened during the canvassing of votes was going on the first day, where security officers manning the Capitol immediately warned civilians not to get near the toilet, but later found out the almost lifeless baby in time for the arrival of Bandol who took out the girl from the bag and gave first aid.

Segui, 44, single and another Capitol employee willing to adopt the abandoned child as “finder-keeper”, was included in the commendation resolution of Borja for an exemplary act worthy of emulation.  []



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