Sorsogon congressional bet Perete accuses Senator Chiz of abusing SORECO II facility

Atty. Arnulfo Perete (left) and Sen. Chiz Escudero
Atty. Arnulfo Perete (left) and Sen. Chiz Escudero

SORSOGON CITY, 07-May-2013 ( – Meter readers of the electric cooperative here are allegedly being used by the Escudero family to campaign for the family’s matriarch who is running for the House seat in the First district.

This was exposed after several meter readers and power consumers informed Attorney Arnulfo Perete, one of the organizers and founders of the power cooperative, Sorsogon II Electric Cooperative, Inc. (SORECO II).

Lawyer Perete, also an independent congressional candidate in the 1st District. expressed disgust upon learning the way the electric cooperative is abused by a political family who did not even lift a hand for its viability.

Perete was referring to the conduct of the meter readers of SORECO II who were made to distribute campaign materials of  candidate Evie Escudero, who is Perete’s rival for the congressional race.

“Reports and evidences handed to me by my supporters in the east district of Sorsogon City pinpoints a strong link of my opponent to the present management of the cooperative. Proof is the billing statement handed to consumers stapled with political materials of the woman from Buhatan,” said Perete, a four- term Board Member of Sorsogon.

Perete said “this family did not contribute to the foundation of SORECO II, instead, they are manipulating the management as if they own the cooperative. It is saddening that career employees of the cooperative are succumbing to the pressures and clout of this family. This again, if to continue, will spell a doom to the problematic cooperative.”

Candidate Perete revealed that sometime ago, a senator gave an order at their residence in Buhatan to the directors of SORECO II in the first district to support his mother’s floundering bid to congress, with enough pressure and half-promises, the scheme to use the meter readers to distribute campaign materials for the woman candidate was resorted because of the inability of the woman to do house- to- house campaigning.

Investigating on its own, validated the claim of congressional candidate Perete when it interviewed SORECO II personnel who refused to be identified for fear of reprisal.

“Senator Chiz called a meeting with SORECO II directors who are in the first district, drumbeating his mother candidacy and pursued the strategy on using the meter readers as campaign- material distributors targeting the consumers of Sorsogon City”, were the common answers reported to this online news group.

Requesting anonymity, the informants added: “It was resorted because the mother is not used to house- to- house campaign and is allergic to handshakes”.

When asked to clarify, one informant said: “That the woman candidate oftentimes washes her hands with alcohol after every few handshakes”.

Perete lamented that he knows the legal remedies for this breach of consumers trust.

As coop founder, he said that he considers SORECO II as if his own, saying “I have labored hard for its existence, I will appeal to its personnel to be discerning in using the assets and human resources of the consumer cooperative solely for the purpose it is intended. No one should use it for political ends, not even by one who is enjoying some national prominence.” []


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