Candidate Aga Muhlach’s big brother and boogeyman fails to appear

Actor Aga Muhlach. Photo courtesy
Actor Aga Muhlach. Photo courtesy

CITY OF NAGA, Bicol Region, 04-May-2013 ( – Showbiz candidate Aga Muhlach’s boogeyman and shaman did not arrive to exorcise the spirits who are hounding his candidacy at Camarines Sur congressional 4th district.

Rumored to boost up Muhlach from his “insecurity” is President Noynoy Aquino whose widely-rumored visit Friday, May 3, at Tigaon town to endorse him at his opponents’ home base did not materialize, Bicol learned.

This is the third “no-show” of P-Noy “big brother” who is the only big guy who can endorse Aga to the House seat against Wimpy Fuentebella, son of outgoing 3-termer Congressman Noli Fuentebella.

The towns of Tigaon and Sangay are known as the political bailiwicks of the Fuentebellas.

Not contented being endorsed by a parade of “big sis, big brothers” in the showbiz industry, Muhlach’s handlers introduced the ploy of floating “P-Noy’s name” who will go down the actor’s level and endorse him to get “overwheming voters approval rating.”

But, the President did not arrive this Friday in Tigaon. There was no Presidential visit, contrary to continuous media hype by Aga’s supporters over the week. But, the ploy has boosted up the morale of the local Liberal Party supporters, and gave them some sense of strength.

Political observers have been cynical over Muhlach’s “insecurities”.

Over the past months, showbiz personalities Coco Martin, Sharon Cuneta had escorted Aga in his campaign sorties. Two days ago, reports had made the rounds that Olgie Alcasid, Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, Kris Aquino, Willie Revillame  and other “big guns” in showbiz had joined Aga in sorties in other towns.

“As an actor, Aga should show confidence as candidate, but he still needs the endorsements by fellow showbiz celebrities, “big mama, big fafa”. Now, he is counting on P-Noy “big brother” to boost him up farther,” an observer commented in sarcasm. “Does he lack the balls to stand up for his candidacy?”

During the scheduled NAMFREL, church-sponsored Candidates’ Forum recently, Muhlach did not appear, and avoided to face Congressional candidate Wimpy Fuentebella. []


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