No coaching please and other no no’s.

Sorsogon first district congressional candidates Atty. Arnulfo Perete (left) and Evelina Escudero. BICOLTODAY.COM PHOTO
Sorsogon first district congressional candidates Atty. Arnulfo Perete (left) and Evelina Escudero. BICOLTODAY.COM PHOTO

OPINION: Marginal Note
Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.

The scene is a bit confusing, first the sitting arrangement, then, the coaching incident.

Why the sitting arrangement favored a female candidate is for the organizers to answer, why the need to coach a doctorate is another thing which left many things in the imagination of the viewers. I am referring to the congressional candidates face-off sponsored by the Diocese of Sorsogon, the local PPCRV and the Rotary Club Metro of Sorsogon.

All of them are present.

Their intentions are healthy, it will guide undecided voters for issues of local and national importance that are the purview of a lower house members were raised. But, the talents and magicians amomng them played their card top of their head that come-uppance becomes a debacle confirming that the lady was not trained for legislative work.

Let me first deal with the sitting arrangement. The first district candidates are Diaz, Escudero and Perete. Right to Diaz is De Castro of the second district and left to Perete is Ramos, the other candidate of the second district if to follow an alphabetical arrangement. Escudero should be in-between Diaz and Perete not to be seated beside Congressman Ramos. This is simple alphabet.

The organizer felt sympathy with doctorate female candidate seating her beside Congressman Ramos knowing well that the two are close allies, instead of the right alphabetical arrangement. It was done with a purpose, so that Escudero if unable to comprehend the question may seek refuge in the experience of Ramos. And happened it did, but it will come later.

I’m posing my query to the organizer. Why the gaffe and what benefits did you get from mis-sitting the candidates of the first district. Who are you favoring? Even a pupil knows that letter D is followed by letter E. To reason that is was a simple mistake is like making a fool of my elementary mind. Someone for sure masterminded the nameplate arrangement. It is comparable to switching ballot to favor a candidate. What are you projecting? We need to be clarified.

The good thing is the camera sweeps the stage view and it will be recorded in Sorsogon political history as a ploy that went puff.

Now the “no coaching please”. A man of his honorable stature Congressman Deogracias Ramos coaching a doctorate degree holder in the middle of her discourse is a sign that Ramos is acting as godfather ready to speak the magic words of survival. That Evie Escudero knows well that Ramos is her corner man willing to disregard tenets of public discourse.It can even be surmise that issues of public importance is not her cup of tea so to speak.

That she knows that Ramos will supply the information escaping her. Twice the coaching happened, then the moderator bark “no coaching please” making Congressman Ramos as if a kid caught with his hand in a cookie jar.

His gesture, fold his hands in his chest, look up as if nothing is wrong, shaking his head. He and Escudero were not remorseful of their action. What was missed by the lady was supplied by Ramos by mentioning that he and the late Congressman Sonny Escudero authored, filed measures. The style of Ramos answering the question is a rescue package for the failure of Evie Escudero to fill-in properly the connecting words to the audience and television listeners.

One thing good about the alphabet I learned the song “You need a friend” and what is best about it I remember the “no coaching principle”.


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