Escudero’s ploy: Divide and conquer, play games


SORSOGON CITY, 22-April-2013 ( – “Divide-and conquer”, “Play, toy on Lee and Dioneda”.

This was the conclusion by Sorsogon’s old-timers in politics after hearing the latest pronouncement by House bet Evie Escudero that her family is supporting Governor Raul Lee and Mayor Leovic Dioneda, who are at odds with each other.

Observers here said that Evie is trying to appease both camps to get the desired votes she want to get a seat in Sorsogon’s 1st district.

“It is a simple divide-and-conquer ploy to create factions and disunite people who are united for a common cause,” said an observer. “This will not apply among Sorsoguenos who are intelligent and smart from political machinations.

The Escudero’s support for Governor Raul Lee, whose wife Sally Lee is fighting Dioneda for the mayoralty post, and at the same time, they are supporting Mayor Dioneda for reelection, is cheap political gimmick trying to fool the voters,” concluded some observers, after hearing the public announcement on Thursday.

“They want to toy and play on the Lee’s as if the Governor and his group are morons that can be enticed by candies, palliatives, and hallelujahs,” said an observer while reacting to Evie Escudero’s statement of support to the two warring factions.

“Are the Escudero’s power-brokers and king-makers that Sorsogon leaders must pay homage to, and bow before them to get their blessings and get anointed?” a critic, who prefers to be unnamed, said.

“The Sorsogon voters, every Juan who are of voting age, are the real power-brokers and king-makers who will decide who, among the candidates, are worthy in their elective posts,” some concerned voters said. []


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