Sen. Chiz mom supports Gov. Lee, Mayor Dioneda


By Felix ’Boy ’Espineda, Jr.

SORSOGON CITY ( Congressional candidate Evie Escudero will stick to the coalition forged before the demise of her husband with Governor Raul Lee and City mayor Leovic Dioneda that they will support Lee’s re-election bid and that incumbent city mayor Leovic Dioneda shall also stay at city hall.

This was publicly acknowledged by her when she met the local tri-media here to erase speculations between Sally Lee, wife of Governor Lee, and mayor  Dioneda, a known political ally of the Escudero’s, whom she will support for the city mayoralty race.

Except for the forged coalition no other reason was given by her.

The remark was the first admission to the tri-media about her preference to run city hall as arranged and agreed back in 2010 to maintain a semblance of political unity in Sorsogon City.

She said she is distancing herself from the verbal war of the Lee’s and Dioneda.

The admission raises the political stock of mayor Dioneda against come backing former governor and city mayor Sally Lee among the city voters were some of the comments heard at the end of the meeting.

At the gathering, she answered her critics that by birth she is not a Sorsoganon, saying the her forty eight years marriage to her late husband, a Sorsoganon is more than proof that she consider herself a daughter of Sorsogon.

“I am a registered voter here,” she said. []


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