Congress bet Perete assails inaction of Comelec

Sorsogon first district congress bet Atty. Arnol Perete, a poor man who made a difference. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO
Sorsogon first district congress bet Atty. Arnol Perete, a poor man who made a difference. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

By Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.

SORSOGON CITY ( – This time the campaign posters of candidates outnumber the advertising efforts of multi-national corporations in volumes and name recall, by its numbers Comelec resolutions become worthless.

This is the observation of first district Congressional bet Arnulfo Perete who said that the delay of Comelec to implement its resolutions favors moneyed candidates who displayed oversize campaign materials in non poster areas.

Republic Act 9006, the Fair Election Act of 2001 said lawyer Perete calls for Comelec to implement Resolutions 9615 and 9616 and its deputized government agencies and other offices to remove campaign materials which are oversize, not in common poster areas and related offense specified by the implementing rules and regulations of RA 9006. He is critical of the delay of Comelec to implement its own regulations.

“If they reason out that they lack personnel compliments to undertake the removal of illegal campaign materials, that is a lame excuse, for I have seen illegally place campaign materials proximate to their office, yet Comelec did not do anything”, he said. Pressed to identify the campaign materials, it belongs to his congressional rivals was his answer.

“Why can’t they act accordingly, Comelec has its own police powers, they have seen the violations, why not act on it immediately, why delay the removal of illegal campaign materials? Delaying the action signals the offender to continue flaunting the law, and I can even see a biased applications of the resolutions to favor moneyed candidates. Where is the Fair Election Act here?”, asked Perete.

Perete said he wants to see the hard hand of Comelec, removing the illegal campaign materials without fear and favor is a right step. If election supervisors who can’t implement the policy in their areas, they should be charge for dereliction of duty, doing so will put order in their agency and the public will not have an impression that Comelec is populated by political appointees.

“I have instructed my legal team to document the violations and prepare it for filing, no one is above the law, that’s why I’m challenging the Comelec supervisor’s here in the first congressional district of Sorsogon to fully implement the resolutions which in the first place is their responsibility”, revealed Perete.

Campaign materials not only of the congressional bets here are displayed in electric post, structures owned by the government, trees, overpasses, public transports in open spaces not designated as common poster areas, all violating the electoral commission resolutions.

The congressional bid of Perete is a frontal challenge to the hold of the Escudero’s in the first congressional district of Sorsogon,

“I am a self-made man, a poor candidate, what little money that I spent in my campaign came from my long years of hard work, my political materials are within the standard set by Comelec, this time I challenged my political opponents to remove their illegal materials, this way they are showing the electorate they adhere to election laws, but I’m sure they will not, for they fear none, not even the law,” was how Perete labelled his political opponents. []


  1. Sorsogon comelec are beholden to the powers that be.
    On election day,observe how they will manipulate the HOCUS POCUS machine in favor of who else? SORSOGANONS please be vigilant!


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