Dynasty Virus

The Philippine Politics. Photo from Facebook
The Philippine Politics. Photo from Facebook

Marginal Note
By Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.

Like it or not, this is the coming scenario of the 16th Congress of the Republic of the Political Families, only of course in the Philippines, a rare virus without cure has entered its halls. Poor Juan a doctorate for the masses aptly called it “the dynasty of virus”. Poor Juan has the voice of Congressman Teddy Casiño.

The political scene across the nation is dotted of familiar political families propagating their genes, sacrificing whatever integrity and character they have to propagate their political hold. Shifting alliances and disowning a friend to gain an upper hand is as common as eating poor Juan’s labored produced. But we never learned we have not educated ourselves, the inequality remains. The salaried dutifully pay their taxes, the monied businesses evade their taxes, they hired negative accountants, the politicos of power hired their people to upend election results, so dynasty is not only confined in Congress, it permeates the bureaucracy.

Congressman Casiño was right, first we have to content with the actors, our “quantum of solace” in congress, the most they have done, snooze in session, then we have the father and son, aging and hip hopping, husband and wife, name it we have those character in our congress. Shameful as it may but unbearable and insulting to us, the poor Juan.

The poor Juan labored till dust, we rise-up even before the cock crows, then, the braggarts of dynasty clawed us, they spiced our labor to their liking, usually, it fattens them and we remain beggars dreaming to be empowered. We expect nothing from them except empty words.

Why do we allow the dynasty virus to eat our system, Casiño asked, his group been at the forefront to ban dynasty’s to give an even hand to those who have progressive ideas, why can’t we produce voices in congress the likes of him, who is not afraid to chip down the wall of corruption. Are we not the majority, they may have the leaders, but we have the numbers to block their dynastic ambition. I bet that Poor Juan voice in congress reports for works with crumpled money, the scions of dynasties, carries bulging attaché cases.

Poor Juan’s voice is always lost in the wilderness of political power play. The likes of Teddy Casiño is a welcome development for us. We have to have some of them in our halls of public opinion.

There is no such thing as progressive dynasty, what is progressive dynasty if a father handed to a son, then to a half-brother , then to a second lady the whims to govern, they are no better than satiric verses exposing the opposite. What is common is making a public office a private enterprise, that’s the ultimate reason why political families clings like leeches, they not only suck our taxes, they bury us alive in poverty.


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