Flores Diño calls for farm subsidy, agriculture should be prioritize

Marian Flores, former Prieto Diaz councilor. Contributed Photo
Marian Flores, former Prieto Diaz councilor. Contributed Photo

BULAN, Sorsogon (BicolToday.com) – The condition of agriculture in the second district of the Province of Sorsogon is becoming a campaign issue among board seat aspirant. Independent candidate Marian Flores Diño during her rounds here stressed that agriculture must have a big share in the preparation of the provincial budget since arable lands of the province are not properly utilize because of the high cost of maintenance.

She aired her view during her rounds in Bulan town focusing on the strength of the agri workers who statistics revealed comprised the bulk of voters in the district. She is appealing that concrete legislative intervention is necessary to enable those who relied on agriculture earn sufficiently.

Noting the high cost of fertilizer and pesticides and the low buying price of farm produce, Flores Diño said that national agencies should be tap to enhance productivity. I also told my audience in the other towns of our district of this condition.

Though we have structures to help the farming needs of our farmers yet it is insufficient. She calls upon the executive department to re-channel agriculture funds to the province since it is being left out in the grant of loans to qualified farm hectare farmers.

Farmer’s access to much needed funds from the government is limited, other provinces received million from the agriculture department, what is lacking here in Sorsogon for our farmers to enjoy such benefits, she asked. The provincial leadership ought to provide certain alternatives either crop cash loan, seedlings, technical support and equipments.

The second district of Sorsogon is considered the rice granary of the province, every time an agricultural land is converted to commercial use we are depriving the next generation of food in their plates. She suggested that conversion process must be tied-up with the pressing development needs of a local government units, it should not be an alternative to redefine a town landscape.

Let it not be the policy of government to neglect agriculture, the present provincial board has not come-up with a workable idea suited to farm and aquatic earners. What they have is protection of big time farm and aquatic owner’s, she is batting for an equal treatment. She said that the widening gap of lowly farmers in terms of access to government funds and agriculture base enterprise is alarming. [BicolToday.com]


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