Sorsogon congressional bet Perete rejects black prop lies quitting house race

Board Member Atty. Arnulfo Perete, officially announce his intention to run for congressman in the first district of Sorsogon his coming 2013 elections during press conference last Thursday, October 4, 2012. PHOTO BY BICOLTODAY.COM
Board Member Atty. Arnulfo Perete, officially announce his intention to run for congressman in the first district of Sorsogon in 2013 mid-term elections during press conference held last October 4, 2012. BICOLTODAY.COM FILE PHOTO

By Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.

SORSOGON CITY – ( – Candidate for Congress Arnulfo Perete strongly denied that he has backed out from the House race and pointed at his opponents of spreading out black propaganda lies against him.

“This is a desperate move by my political opponents for them to gain ground in their lacklustre campaign”, were the words of Attorney Arnulfo Perete when confronted with the issue that he is quitting the congressional race in the first legislative district of Sorsogon.

“I heard that rumor when I was in Donsol which I laughed off, then in Castilla, the town of my wife. It was spread out by the people of an influential person who wants to perpetuate their political power in Sorsogon, now they are spreading it in Sorsogon City”, Congressional candidate Perete said.

“Donsol and Castilla are my bailiwick’s, I never lost in those places, that’s scary for them, I do my campaigning in my own name not like their campaign style, they don’t spare the dead. In Sorsogon City, the voters are very silent whom they prefer for in Congress, it was a bad omen for Buhatan,” stressed Congressional candidate Perete

Buhatan is the domiciliary place of the Escuderos here in Sorsogon City.

“The campaign materials of Evie Escudero carries the image of her late husband, she must stand on her own account. Respect the dead where they are now. Don’t use them for your political ambition,” Perete said.

Perete revealed that there was a time that he was approached by people close to this national figure offering him a position in a state university for him to withdraw his congress bid, but he flatly rejected the emissary.

He said Sorsogon needs a progressive leader to represent their interest in Congress than have a leader who follows the formula of the son, the voters of the first district had seen enough of their wasted thirty years of power.

“Sorsogon was not lifted from its poor condition, the time has come for them to reckon with the electorate. In their desperation, they are resorting to squid tactics,” he added.

Perete denied that he is quitting the race. He is accusing the people of Senator Chiz of orchestrating the dis-information against him, their actions have opened more can of worms for the Escudero’s to contend.

One was the issue that the senator had vigorously blocked the Liberal Party nomination of Perete just to ensure an easy victory for his mother’s Congress bid, and the use of social welfare fund as campaign come-ons to far flung barangays in the district.

Perete’s foe is Evie Escudero, mother of Senator Chiz.

The issues remained unanswered by the widow’s camp despite of attempts for them to clarify it. []


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