Chiz hurt over Heart’s parents hurting backlash

Senator Chiz Escudero and Heart Evangelista: Heart, pains, hurt feelings, hurting words. Photo courtesy of GMA7
Senator Chiz Escudero and Heart Evangelista: Heart, pains, hurt feelings, hurting words. Photo courtesy of GMA7

By Joey Natividad
Special Correspondent

CITY OF NAGA, Bicol Region ( – Senator Chiz Escudero got hurt over the verbal backlash unleashed by the parents of showbiz celebrity Heart Evangelista in series of press conference held over the week in Manila.

The verbal barrage had wounded the Senator’s candidacy, but there was no confirmation if the controversy has pulled him down from the “most-favored list” in the Senatorial public pulse, Bicol learned over the week.

Heart’s parents, Rey and Cecille Ongpauco, had made public their opposition to Chiz in the rumored marriage being planned by Chiz and Heart. Both are already publicly known as engaged.

The Ongpaucos’ dislike for Chiz has become a sizzling media topic that has blown up into unmanageable proportion that affected seriously the candidacy of the Senator. Chiz is running for re-election.

Caught in a tight corner between answering back hard at Heart’s parents, or protect Heart from being caught in a growing family feud, Chiz statement in Pilipino. (see related article)

Senator Escudero admitted that Heart’s family is known for being rich, but he felt that it was not a license to “belittle or to demean” a person who does not meet their standards.

“Pero kahit gaano karami siguro ang pera nila, HINDI NAMAN SIGURO LISENSYA ‘YUN PARA MALIITIN SINUMAN O YURAKAN ANG KATAUHAN KO.” said the Senator in his statement posted on Facebook (Although, they are moneyed, they are not licensed to demean nor step down on my dignity as person.)

Meantime, Congressman Ding Ramos (2nd District, Sorsogon) on Sunday stepped forward in defending the Senator and vowed for Chiz’s good upbringing and character while the media and anti-Escudero groups feasted over the growing controversy.

Congressman Ramos had already suspected that a “demolition job” against Chiz was already launched by secret enemies of the Senator by riding on the Chiz-Ongpauco controversy.

The Senator is confident that Heart is old enough to decide what is good for her, and can carry the burden brought about by the trials they are carrying now.

He said that he does not mix his personal sentiments with what is expected from him as a public official.

He hoped that Heart would not feel so hurt over the controversy amid the growing family feud. []


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