Did Chiz fail Sorsogon?

Bicolano Senator Chiz Escudero private moment with actress Heart Evangelista. This time he is more showbiz than a legislator. PHOTO COURTESY OF FACEBOOK.COM/INQUIRER.NET
THE SHOWBIZ IN HIM. Bicolano Senator Chiz Escudero private moment with actress Heart Evangelista. This time he is more showbiz than a legislator. PHOTO COURTESY OF FACEBOOK.COM/INQUIRER.NET

Marginal Note
Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr., BicolToday.com

The oil lamp will be burning in the war room of Senator Chiz Escudero after the latest accusation of UNA spokeperson Navotas City Representative Toby Tiangco published in national dailies singling out the senator for his failure to uplift the condition of Sorsogon Province. The remarks civilly given but hit hard on the entire Escudero clan who among themselves are aspiring to be elected this May.

The timing of the statement caught many here in Sorsogon to look back the years of the family public service from the time that the senator’s father started his foray in politics during the martial law years with the crowning glory that then Representative Francis Joseph Escudero was elected senator of the republic. The astute political planning paid off.

Now, the ante is up against him. First the blast from the PMP honcho, former president Estrada revealing information negative to the good image nurtured by the Sorsogon senator.that after failing to get the endorsement of NPC Danding Cojuangco the senator called back Estrada to offer himself as his vice-presidential running mate, too late it was for him. The rest is history.

This public pronouncement of UNA against Escudero opened many questions long wanted to be answered. Did he fail Sorsogon? To what extent was the failure?

Uplifting Sorsogon is every Sorsogueños concern, this will be the argument of Escudero’s people. Indeed right. Those of their critics will say otherwise, that the agenda inspite of the educated mind of the senator is to foster their families hold in Sorsogon politics, harsh, but statistics don’t lie.

Sorsogon knows how many are eyeing an elective position in their clan now, how many are in elective position and is it a sign of a dynasty, hope it has a progressive agenda if ever it is to become a dynasty. Here now rises the sordid affair of the province, it has a senator voted and regarded highly but his accomplishment in term of vigorous development for his own province who provided him prestige, power and national stature is left out for unknown reasons. As I said we have to be responsible to earn our development.

If infrastructure projects from his congressional term and as senator did trickle in for Sorsogon and that of his late father term, the people will not clamor for more, the sad state is a funded project becomes a white elephant, and, infra’s, reeks with over estimates.

Going back to Tiangco, the falling out of Escudero with UNA will give Sorsoganons an inside look their senators concern to uplift the condition of Sorsogon, Circumspection as to the present index of poverty is facing him and of course the local officials, to deal with it right away, as if Tiangco was chiding Escudero that hey, be a true blooded public servant or have a career in showbiz, that’s hurting and insults our sensibilities here in Sorsogon.

There is a saying that “failing to find time for its own purpose defeats the clock”, does it mean that the clock is running out for the Escudero’s here, if so, whom to blame? There’s another saying, “journey your life as a public servant with your people, for they will follow you”, is this happening?

As Sorsoganons we know the big difference.



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