Brownouts hit Legazpi, neighboring areas

Photo courtesy Wikipedia
Photo courtesy Wikipedia

LEGAZPI CITY (15-Mar-2013/PNA) – Power-consuming households and business establishments in this city and the neighboring towns of Daraga and Manito in Albay are seeking an end to the daily rotational brownouts, which they said have taken their toll on appliances and electronic devices — aside from the inconveniences and economic losses they have incurred the past week.

Residents of nearby Daraga town said they have been suffering from nightly power cut offs since February.

Reynaldo Reverente, Albay Electric Cooperative (Aleco) general manager, explained that the electric cooperative had to implement power shedding or load curtailment after the 10-MVA transformer at its Bitano substation got busted due to a “line to line” trip off last March 7.

Reverente said the tripping off of two primary lines connected to the substation damaged the transformer.

He said the breakdown of the 10-MVA transformer had affected the 30-MVA power supply of the Bitano substation, significantly reducing its electricity supply by 6,426 kilowatts.

The damaged transformer is being repaired and is expected to be restored this week, the Aleco official claimed.

He said the Aleco was able to get a spare 5-MVA transformer from its Ligao substation and is just awaiting clearance from the National Grid Corporation of Philippines for its immediate installation.

At least two to three power interruptions a day have been experienced by local power consumers since March 7, affecting some 9,225 households in the Legazpi Port Area, Manito town and several villages in Daraga town.

They complained that these frequent brownouts had damaged their appliances and electronic gadgets, costing them extra money for repairs.

Businessmen said they had to incur additional expenses for fuel to run their generator sets.(PNA)


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