Sorsogon City slaughterhouse most modern in Bicol region

Newly built Sorsogon City Abattoir, state of the art and most modern in Bicol region. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO
Newly built Sorsogon City Abattoir, state of the art and most modern in Bicol region. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

SORSOGON CITY ( – “Clean and hygienic slaughterhouse which does not affect the health and sanitation of the residents living nearby, and does not contaminate Sorsogon Bay” was how city administrator Ireneo Manaois described the class AA newly-inaugurated slaughterhouse in Sitio Madan-an, Barangay Bibincahan, this city.

The city project, completed with funding assistance from the Land Bank of the Philippines, was constructed in a five- hectare city property.

By regional standards, the slaughterhouse is considered by the National Meat Inspection Commission as the most modern of its kind in the region.

Dubbing the project as a projection of city development, Administrator Manaois said the site will be the hub of future agro-development projects of LGU-Sorsogon City.

“We are incorporating the latest technology available in slaughterhouse operation aiming to implement the best hygienic practices on livestocks slaughtering. It is projected to serve not only the city needs for clean and safe meat”, Manaois declared during the inauguration ceremony on March 2.

“We welcome our guests in this five (5) hectare property of the city government where this class AA slaughterhouse was constructed. This will be the center for future agro-development projects of LGU-Sorsogon City with the on-going construction of the Sorsogon postharvest technological center, otherwise, known as the cold storage facility and technological training center which is now on the drawing board,” said Administrator Manaois.

He described that the abbatoir had taken two years for its completion from the concept, plan and design level.

“It is a state-of-the-art slaughterhouse incorporating modern technology that provides the latest hygienic practices on livestock slaughtering. This is the reason why we are very proud of our class AA slaughterhouse which according to Engr. Sabater, Regional Sanitary Engineer during the dry run, is the most modern and the best slaughterhouse in the Bicol region as of today,” he said.[]

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