Kabataan group warns EDSA spirit slipping away from present youth generation


MANILA (BicolToday.com/27-Feb-2013) – Worried that the present youth generation might forget the importance of EDSA 1 during its commemoration on February 25, a partylist group aired its deep concern to revive the EDSA spirit among the youth who were not yet born during the civil uprising that toppled the Marcos dictatorship in 1986.

On the 27th anniversary of the EDSA People Power, Kabataan Partylist called on the youth to relive and rekindle the nationalist spirit of EDSA 1 by playing an active role in defending the country’s sovereignty and responding to pressing issues of the time.

“Beyond recounting faces and personalities, we must remember EDSA 1 as a momentous moment in our nation’s history wherein the decisive force of the people toppled a dictatorship backed by a foreign superpower. The youth of today is thus challenged to remember not just the politicians, the places and the dates connected with the People Power, but most importantly the nationalist spirit that became the driving force that ended the Marcos regime,” said Kabataan Partylist President Terry Ridon.

Instead of marching to EDSA where the Aquino administration’s People Power commemoration was held, progressive groups trooped to Liwasang Bonifacio to protest the increasing grip of the US in the Philippines.

“The present administration’s thrust in governance is anathema to the aspirations of the people who joined hands in EDSA 27 years ago. Back then, the People Power not only targeted the Marcos dictatorship but also the continuing dominance and intervention of the US. Back then, the people did not just fight to topple Marcos, but also to defeat poverty, joblessness and injustice. Yet, no significant advancement has been made since EDSA 1. At present, the situation is even worse,” Ridon explained.

Meanwhile, Kabataan Partylist Rep. Raymond Palatino criticized the Aquino administration for bastardizing the memory of EDSA 1 by reducing the celebrations into a “mere campaign rally.” “EDSA 1’s legacy is far too important for our nation to be reduced to mere pageantry. We should not allow the meaning of EDSA to be monopolized by politicians and bureaucrats in power,” Palatino said.

“Thus I make this appeal to my fellow youth: Let a hundred unofficial People Power activities bloom. Let a thousand People Power debates contend. Bombard EDSA with our demands for genuine change, freedom, and pro-people governance,” Palatino concluded. [BicolToday.com]


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