Davao City cops maul PDI photo journalist


DAVAO CITY (27-fEB-2013) – A photojournalist and correspondent of the Philippine Daily Inquirer was mauled by at least six policemen while covering protesting Typhoon Pablo victims at the Department of Sacial Welfare and Development (DSWD) regional office in Davao City.

Karlos Manlupig said at least six policemen hit him with truncheons in the head, arms and other parts of his body and shoved him using anti-riot shields following a violent dispersal of protesters in the DSWD regional office.

Manlupig said the policemen approached him inside the DSWD compound while he was interviewing one of the protesters arrested by policemen and accused him of being biased and taking photos only of the hurt protesters.

Manlupig said he identified himself as a member of the press and tried to pacify the six by explaining that he had also gotten the side of policemen hurt in the scuffle but was ignored by the six.

Nico Alconaba, PDI Mindanao Bureau Chief, condemned what he called a deliberate attack on press.

“The policemen had no right to physically assualt a member of the press who is only doing his job,” Alconaba said.


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