Bad omen hovers Actor Aga Muhlach winnability

Showbiz couple Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzales. Contributed Photo
Showbiz couple Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzales. Contributed Photo

By Joey Natividad
Special Correspondent

SAN JOSE, Camarines Sur ( – Bad omen hovers on actor Aga Muhlach’s candidacy for Congress as he poises to lose more than twenty thousand (20,000) votes in his “adopted” residence town. The votes can offset any foreseeable loses in other towns where the actor will have poor voters showing in the May 13, 2013 election.

Muhlach’s two candidates in this town had backed out from the race, leaving his municipal candidates leaderless and had destroyed their capability to deliver the winning votes.

Candidate for Mayor Eduardo Pilapil, under Muhlach’s wing, resigned his candidacy on November 18, 2012, leaving incumbent Mayor Tony Chavez unchallenged in the mayoralty fight. Mayor Chavez is with the group of Wimpy Fuentebella who is fighting Muhlach in the Congressional race.

Pilapil cited his poor health in withdrawing from the race. Pilapil was twice a Congressman, former Tourism Secretary under the Ramos Administration, and Postmaster General of PhilPost.

On third week of January this year, Muhlach’s vice mayor candidate Tony Senar discovered that he erroneously filed his candidacy as councilor, thinking all the time he is a candidate for vice mayor. Senar had been making the rounds in the town in the last 4 months telling the people that he is a candidate for vice-mayor.

Senar’s gross mistake has made incumbent Vice-Mayor Evie Pena unopposed in the vice-mayoralty fight, a sure-winner.

The loss of Pilapil and Senar in the mayor and vice-mayor race in San Jose has left Muhlach without a political machinery which must deliver the winning votes in Muhlach’s adopted residence town. San Jose is the registered residence town of Muhlach where he is registered as voter – an important requirement in the filing of candidacy. His residency is subject of a bitter legal fight that started at the Election Registration Board level last year that wormed its way lately into the Court of Appeals.

Without a viable town political machinery, Muhlach will find it difficult to get the more than 20,000 “bailiwick” votes needed that will counter any losses in other towns. “Unless Muhlach can convert his popularity into votes, he still need the organized political machinery to gather the votes for him,” said an observer.

The Fourth District in Camarines Sur where Muhlach is eyeing for a Congressional seat has 10 towns, with more than 200,000 voters. The district has been dominated by the Fuentebellas, considered by critics as a political dynasty. []

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