I don’t want to miss a beat of your heart . . .


white tulipsBy Orok Falls
[BicolToday.com, 13-Feb-2013]

When flowers bloom in sand dunes, it is rare, just like finding someone like you. Now, I have you with me, such that I have to write my thoughts of love for you.

You were only nineteen then, full of life, strong willed and so adorable. Me, I’m at my age that have trodden the worn alleys of life, alone.

I cant offer you roses tomorrow not because its most that is given but I rather let you feel my love by saying “ I DON’T WANT TO MISS A BEAT OF YOUR HEART”. This is as pure as the grains of heaven, as solid as the hardest rock, as serene in our intimacy of love.

We started by chance, I found time to find time, you responded with curiosity on what was written” try me you wont regret, but please don’t”. Courageous words that seems boastful that you unearth, first why boasting with a red curtain, asking yourself, “what was in him”? Sure by yourself to know more, we talked and again during the night, asking you “can you do that”, you said yeah. The next night another question that caught you by surprised, pausing in silence, then “yeah”. Then the beginning of beautiful things for you and me.

Strange things happened, I was lost, you seemed gone, we meet again, words fly thick, ego’s were sullen, both of us deprived of longing, we were almost to the limit of the hill. But, we realized, why we have to endure the pain of longing, why just scroll an old message, why not send one to brighten a silly day. You were empty and so am I.

If ever you falter, leave, forgotten me because of the circles of your life, I have to call your name, run faster to keep pace with you, times that I have to stand alone. All these because as I told you, my love remains. I secured the knots and ultimately change it with a sturdier hope that our sensibilities will open more doors of loving embrace.

You were young enjoying the frills of life I understand well, you were born to be adored that I know, before me, by the multitude of swaggering mules, I persisted, took you more closer to my heart, telling you, I love you more than myself, true for I have proven how lovely life can be with you at my side. You feel my love, telling me, that I can only hear the voice of your heart, no other, I believe you.

We have now what other lovers don’t have, confident that one needs to survive because of a love that is sincere, knowing, understanding, caring and all other things that a heart needs to feel love.

I told you no more dark days ahead for both of us, no need for me to be asking, you responded well, I appreciated it with a happy thought that our life together will be as blissful and romantic as we would want it. Two maybe? We have explored many things together, at the end of it, the flowers bloom with the bee sting, singing good tunes for my “lady in red” for “I, the man, loves you my woman.”

I feel proud to have you, they will be envious with me, an ordinary guy love by a woman many desires, as we say, till the end of time.

I have proven to you as you did to me how we need the warmth of our love, that everything is falling in the right places, fear not for nothing can take my love to you. You said, “I don’t want to lose you, ikaw ang operating system ko, mabagal ako pag wala ka”, thank you my dear JTL.

Know what, its you that I’ve been looking all these years.

But Im no chicken, heh! Reason that you should not be leaving on a jet plane. [Orok Falls is a guest writer of BicolToday.com. He is a freelance journalist. Ed]

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