It is Valentine week


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You care. Everybody cares too.

Overseas.  At home. Inside the office. Everybody wants to get connected with their love ones. We, too, at Bicol

If you feel that Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube are not enough to satisfy your hearts’ contents, spill them out at everybody’s webpage at . .

Post those words of love – very assuring, inspiring to uplift your love one who is working overseas. Words of endearment the world must know.

Immortalize those pictures of togetherness, of longing for those working abroad.

Feel proud of your loving family. Capture those moments of happiness of getting engaged. New relationships, getting married, wedding anniversaries and never-ending friendships.

Post these at

For posting Valentine messages with photos (3 photos limit), please inquire at email: , mobile no 0915-889-4282

Prepaid before posting thru money transfer, details will be forwarded to your email address. Valentine Promo until February 28, 2013.


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