Revenue loses on political ads might run to billions


KBPSAN JUAN CITY (7-Feb-2013/PNA) – With the new guidelines set by the Commission on Elections (Comelec), the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) on Wednesday said that the revenue loses may run to billions of pesos.

Hermie Basbano, president of the KBP, said that the political ad placement of 120 hours to all television stations and 180 hours to all radio stations could choke and lead to closure of small stations in the provinces because of the expected loss of revenues.

“Political advertisement is seasonal. Comelec should reconsider our plea but we were disappointed after they did not give weight to our motion for reconsideration,” Basbano told reporters at the weekly Fernandina Media Forum at Club Filipino in Greenhills, San Juan City .

The topnotch of KBP said that they will elevate the issue to the Supreme Court and present documents and new arguments to reverse the decision by issuing temporary restraining order to stop Comelec from implementing the new guidelines.

Comelec had come up with new guidelines in placing political advertisements. Each candidate is only allowed to 120 minutes of political ads in all television stations and 180 hours to all radio station.

Before Chairman Sixto Brillantes seated on the driver’s seat, Comelec allowed each candidate to place their ads 120 minutes to each television station and 180 minutes to every radio station nationwide.

When asked how much he thinks would be a total revenue loss, he decline to give figures and percentage but insists that it will surely run to millions.

According to Basbano, the hardest hit by the new order of Brillantes is the public that were reportedly deprived of information dissemination on the track record of the candidate because of the limited time given to the candidate to campaign using the airwaves.

When asked to comment on Brillante’s statement that he trimmed the number of hours of political ads because he wants to level the playing field, he said that’s not true.

The KBP boss claimed that rich politicians still have the edge because they have spend much to promote themselves using the airwaves because provisions of premature campaigning is no longer present under the automation election law.

“They have spent millions worth of political advertisement even before the start of campaign proper,” Basbano stressed.

He added that people who live in far flung areas and in the mountains depends on radio because this is their only means of communication and information. (PNA)


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