Realtor Namia aims for a provincial board seat

Susan Fajardo Namia. Contributed Photo
Susan Fajardo Namia. Contributed Photo

PILAR, Sorsogon ( – “Unmarked boundaries of local government units are pestering issues between neighboring municipalities that affects harmonious relations of public officials, it also affects its inhabitants”, said Susan Fajardo Namia, a realtor from this town who is throwing her hat in the political arena of the first district of Sorsogon.

“I am not a neophyte, so to speak, for I was part of the legislative team of a town councilor here in Pilar, at that time, disputes of political boundaries remained unsolved because of its political implications, leaving the problem as is”. “As a realtor I know where to start in settling the disputes and it will be a challenge for me to solve political land questions and disputes” said Fajardo Namia,

In her letter to the Iglesia ni Cristo of Sorsogon District, she offered her services to the less fortunate by way of professional advise to those who wants their land titled or having document related problems for land titling. She divulged that she holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, a fourth year law student and have vast experience in administrative discipline.

Focusing on legislative work she said” there must be a land banking system in identifying arable lands of the province, there must be a comprehensive land use plan which identify arable and idle lands either privately owned much more of the land owned by the government”, on this account, she continued, “we can easily identify which area of the province needs immediate agricultural support to enhance its productivity, agricultural productivity enhances our chance for food self-sufficiency, that will be bring food to every table” she added.

“My hometown, Pilar, is gateway to Donsol, the whaleshark capital, I intend to push for a solid eco-tourism agenda since environment played a big role to promote tourism, legislative actions should not be confined to revenue generation, the approach must be holistic, not only businesses will benefit, it must be cascaded to the lowly families who relied on the environment for their sustenance” we need a coordinated provincial development plan, a plan not only for infrastructure but a character building approach where every members of the community must be participative, It must be proactive”, she elaborates.

“Legislative work is a responsibility which should not be taken lightly, whatever piece of legislated acts, it will have an effect to the populace. Legislation must be realistic and must resolve to deliver the felt need of the people, it can never sleep a day or two wherein the populace will be suffering because of omission and favored sentiments” strong words from Fajardo Namia.

It is the character of Susan Asilo Fajardo Namia to speak solidly because of her political background and education. She is running under the administration party which she proudly called, “the home of honest public servants”. []

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