NUJP welcomes SC’s indefinite extension of TRO on Cybercrime Law


nujp-logoThe National Union of Journalists of the Philippines joins all freedom of expression advocates in welcoming the Supreme Court decision on Tuesday, February 5, 2013, indefinitely extending the temporary restraining order on the implementation of the Cybercrime Prevention Law.

The ruling, just a day before the original 120-day TRO on the new law was to lapse, is definitely a victory for all those who oppose a statute that would serve the effectively stifle free expression, the free flow of information, the right to privacy and a host of other rights and freedoms.

We thank and congratulate the lawyers of the people who very ably laid down the reasons why this unjust law must be junked. We thank and congratulate everyone who stood firm in the defense of our freedoms.

However, we must not allow this development to lull us into complacency.

Let us continue protesting and pounding on government’s doors until this law and everyone who sought to foist it on us are relegated to where they rightly belong – the garbage heap.

Yes, let us not stop even if, as we believe it will be, victory is ours. We should not stop until those who dare think of robbing us of our rights and liberties are brought to account.


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