Cybercrime Law, another repressive measure by Aquino


Letter to the Editor
Feb. 6, 2013

While admitting that certain provisions of R.A. 10175 are unconstitutional, Solicitor General Francis Jardeleza maintained that the government needs to fight crimes committed on the Internet. On the contrary, the Cybercrime Law is not for the protection of the ordinary citizens. It is another weapon by the government, aside from state security forces, to preserve itself and its ilk and terrorize the people.

We call on President Aquino to instead account for the more severe human rights violations, and even common crimes, happening almost every day under his watch; where his armed forces and law enforcers, who are supposed to protect the people, are involved.
Sol.Gen. Jardeleza’s insistence that clicking “like” or a “retweet” on so-called libelous posts on Facebook and Twitter constitutes a “cybercrime” is dangerous as it presages of days reminiscent of martial rule.

We reiterate our position that R.A. 10175 violates the freedom of expression, due process and equal protection of law enshrined in the Constitution.

The Cybercrime Law is another manifestation of the repressive measures of the Aquino government, complementing its “counterinsurgency” program, the Oplan Bayanihan. The increasing number of extrajudicial killing and illegal arrests and detention based on trumped up charges clearly show the signs of the times. In the past month alone, 28 cases of illegal arrests on trumped-up charges were reported to Karapatan; as there are now 137 people killed in the course of the implementation of Oplan Bayanihan. This time, the government wants to muzzle dissent in all possible venues even if it violates its own Constitution.

Cristina Palabay
Secretary General, Karapatan
2F Erythrina Building, #1 Maaralin corner Matatag Streets, Central District, Quezon City


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