Water pipeline expansion project readied for Bacon district

Intensive Flushing at Bacon District, Sorsogon City. Photo courtesy of SCWD
Intensive Flushing at Bacon District, Sorsogon City. Photo courtesy of SCWD

By Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.

SORSOGON CITY (BicolToday.com- 02-Feb-2013) – The maintenance division of the Sorsogon City Water District has readied plans for the pipeline expansion project at Bacon district.

The parallel line will be access by residents of Barangay Balete and Poblacion upon completion. Presently, a single pipeline service the affected area depriving the residents living on the left side of the national road from the crossing of Cabarbuhan in Balete until Sitio Burabod of Poblacion, Bacon. The line when completed will be 1.2 kilometers.

The single pipeline servicing the area was embedded in the right side of the national road depriving the district residents residing at the left side portion of the area easy access to SCWD water. A four inches PVC pipe runs water to concessioners at present.

Residents who wish to apply for the utilities connection have to request approval from the DPWH for the connection will traverse the national road, an added burden to would be consumer of the water firm. To remedy, Engineer Andy Percia,Jr., in-charge of the maintenance division recommended immediate approval of the parallel pipeline which will answer the inaccessibility of potable water at the un-service area.

In another development, pipelines of the water district located at Villa Alegre in Barangay San Juan(Roro), at the eastern portion of the city undertook replacement. The line covering four hundred twenty five meters will replace the existing pipeline inside the subdivision, the water district reported. With a cost of 205,000 pesos, a 2” pipe will be use as a replacement under the supervision of the construction division personnel of the firm.

Another pipeline replacement is also scheduled near the swamp along J. Reyes Street of Barangay Bitan-o, West District of the city. Transferring the line is an immediate concern for the construction division of SCWD. It becomes flooded during heavy rains. The present connection was laid out at the bottom of the culvert crossing in the area. [BicolToday.com]

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