Former Prieto Diaz councilor Marian Diño Flores bares legislative agenda

Marian Flores, former Prieto Diaz councilor. Contributed Photo
Marian Flores, former Prieto Diaz councilor. Contributed Photo

“Tabangan nindo ako, parte kamo kan pagkatawo ko”

PRIETO DIAZ, Sorsogon ( – “I have to be one of you, it’s the only way to serve you better”, this was the statement of former Pto.Diaz councilor Marian Diño Flores when she visited farmers, fisherfolks and senior citizens in Bulusan town yesterday. Flores is vying for the second district provincial board seat.

“There are many government programs which you should benefit, but the problem is that the incumbent public officials are not doing the rounds to inform you”, “it is their duty, to inform you and interceding in your behalf so that you receive the benefits”, she added.

The remarks of Marian Flores are true, reacted Florencio Bitancur, a farmer who said in vernacular “makaranhi hamok kay makampanya, pakatapos san eleksyon limot na kami” (they will come because they need our votes, after the election, we are forgotten). Flores replied that you have to choose your leader correctly.

Expounding her legislative program, the motherly looking Flores said that given the opportunity to represent their interest, consumer advocacy is her agenda, that of protection and propagation of environment to mitigate effect of calamities is another one and adequate funding for social services.

“Consumer advocacy must be attended for it is wrong that businesses should overprice their products. There must be a close coordination with government regulators so that low income families can maximize their money for basic commodities”, “during my term as councilor, time and again I get in touch with the Department of Trade and Industry, it help a lot informing consumers the prices of prime commodities, I also informed them that there are livelihood opportunities available to micro entrepreneurs, soft loans, and assistance for livelihood opportunities, in Pto. Diaz, many became recipient of the program”, Flores added.

“My concern for the environment is ten folds”, she said, I believe with the saying that “let’s give our children an Earth to live for”, we can do that if we will not abuse our environment. “I will be working hard that a provincial ordinance should be introduce that should eradicate the use of plastics and other non-biodegradable materials now use by business establishment, it will cover food chains, public stalls, department stores, it should be replace by paper bags.” “I don’t understand why it was never legislated,” shaking her head in dismay.

“Public officials should not be confined in the comfort of their offices, in three years time, if they visit the far flung areas, they could have started a productive idea to help the populace, sad to say, they are more of politicking than giving meaningful services to their constituents” was her comments when asked why there is a failure in addressing basic changes in public governance. “I intend to change this practice”, she assures her listeners.

Speaking in vernacular, she said, “ an provincial board baga mao an nagbubutang pondo na panggastos san manlain-lain na departamento doon sa probinsya, trabahoon ko na dagdagan an pondo san provincial social welfare office para mas makinabang an kadaghanan na nag-aayo tabang sa opisina kan social welfare.” Mahapot kamo, pan-o an paagi sini?, Sabi ngani sadto ni Tata Owan Frivaldo, “wara gud imposible kun an boot mo tunay sa pagserbisyo, magigibo mo asin makukua an suporta kan kadaghanan kay saro ka sainda na nagmamakolog.” Parehas sini an kaborot-on ko kaya ngani nahampang ako saindo.

The sortie’s of Marian Flores is part of her feel-the-people formula that she believes will guide her in her legislative work. The visits are yielding positive results for she has secured endorsements of the farmers and fisher folks most of which long neglected by government workers.

Flores is a product of a family who diligently and prudently work to earn honest living, her honesty came from it, her perceptions to help the lowly is because of her experiences in life. Whatever she has now it was because of her perseverance and faith in God that she never forgets, she endowed the same formula to her children and would like to share it with those who have less in life.

“Tabangan nindo ako, parte kamo kan pagkatawo ko” was the line she ended. []

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