You can consider the Enrile’s as a political dynasty, Jack Enrile says

Cagayan Representative Jack Enrile facing the media of Sorsogon. PHOTO BY ANGEL AYALA/BICOLTODAY.COM
Cagayan Representative Jack Enrile facing the media of Sorsogon. PHOTO BY ANGEL AYALA/BICOLTODAY.COM

By Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.

SORSOSOGN CITY ( – “You can consider the Enrile’s as a political dynasty”, thus said by Representative Jack Enrile, but, we are in good stead with the people of the Province of Cayagan where he represents the First Legislative District in Congress. His candidness as a scion of a nationally recognized family was a start for a jovial media exchange.

His visit here is considered as a nationwide hop in his bid to capture a senate seat this year. Expounding, Enrile said, that a “political dynasty can be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on the perception of the people, one need to be in good relations not only with the political leaders and should implement developmental projects which are the felt need of the populace”.

“Political dynasty becomes an issue when the populace are left-out in their developmental aspirations, that is not the case of my family in Cagayan”, he said.

“When I first set foot at the lower house, Cagayan agricultural produce steadily rises for I made a tandem with national officials and with his senator father making agriculture and food sovereignty his advocacy, adding that agriculture is a sector that needs infrastructure”.

“In my district to propel sufficiency for the agriculture sector, I channeled my countrywide development fund for farm to market roads, irrigation and dredging systems, water impounding projects and rehabilitation of roads and drainage were in-place”, the congressman said.

Sharing a copy of House Bill No. 4626, where it aims to provide a system to determine the minimum food requirements of Filipinos and for other purposes, Congressman Enrile intends to pursue the same agenda if he becomes a member of the upper house, adding that he will introduce measures to implement a geo-hazard mapping survey for he believes that it is one of the measures that the country lacks in identifying arable and productive lands needed for food sovereignty. He is one of the sponsor’s of the house bill.

Re-iterating, he said, “that food sovereignty are rights of the people, communities to define their own agricultural, labor, fishing, food and land policies based on unique circumstances”.

He stressed that a comprehensive land use plan countrywide is a must if we want to increase rice production. “We are lagging with Thailand, before we are exporting rice, now we are importing, I see the problem because we lack the necessary legislative tool to propel our agriculture”.

“This we can have by cohesive development agenda. Funding support becomes critical”, reason that my stint in congress, I vigorously supported the agriculture agendas”.

Espousing his appreciation with the tillers of the land, he said, “we must extend total support to our brother tillers, they are the backbone of our agriculture”. []

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