Alleged military intelligence agent killed in Quezon shootout, a security guard


TIGAON, Camarines Sur (10-Jan-2013/PNA) – Maximo Manalastas Pelayo, 37, one of the 13 persons killed in an alleged shootout with combined elements of the Philippine National Police and Philippine Army in Atimonan, Quezon last Sunday, was a security guard, according to the mother of his wife.

Elena Asayen Parsa, 56, mother of the wife of Pelayo whose name is Rosaly Cayanan, 36, revealed that her son-in-law was a security guard and was actually from Pampanga, although she did not know which town he hailed from.

Parsa said Rosaly, her child from her first husband, met Pelayo in Karuhatan, Valenzuela more than ten years ago where her daughter was then working and her son-in-law also worked as a security guard in an establishment.

“All I know is that he was a security guard but he came home once a month but would not stay long. I am even wondering why he went back to Manila on the 29th of December when he came home on the 26th. He celebrated his birthday here on December 27,” she narrated in Bicol.

Parsa, who did not know what agency her son-in-law was connected with, recalled that Pelayo had stayed in San Rafael, Tigaon, Camarines Sur since her daughter gave birth to a child now in first year high school. She remembered that Pelayo had worked as security guard in a mall in Naga City.

She said her son-in-law went back to Pampanga one time after quitting his job at the mall and stayed there for awhile, but she has very limited knowledge about Pelayo.

When asked whether or not Pelayo was involved with the military, Parsa said he was once in the Army but went “Awol” because he found it hard to be away from his children.

Pelagio and Rosaly have four children, the eldest is 13, the second is 10, the next child, 9, and the youngest, 1.

She said a brother of Pelayo called up Rosaly on Monday telling her the bad news and then the family left for Pampanga where the remains were brought from Quezon.

Michael, a neighbor who asked not to give his surname, described Pelayo as a well-built guy at 5’8’’ with fair complexion and good physique and looks what he said could attract women.

He also said Pelayo came home for at least once a month but would not stay long and just stayed in the house located about 150 meters through an interior muddy road from the highway.

Michael said that from time to time he was invited by Pelayo to drink with him and as far as he understood from the stories, the latter had some kind of connection with the military.

He said Pelayo was close to his family and gave them treats in the downtown of Tigaon, about two kilometers from their house, whenever he was home.

Police investigators have recovered from Pelayo an identification card that bore his name supposedly from the Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (ISAFP), which Brigadier General Eduardo AÑO, ISAFP Commander, said was faked.

AÑO said Pelayo and another one killed with an ISAFP named Leonardo Catapang were “impostors”. S.”

Three police officers – Superintendent Alfredo Perez Consemino, Police Officer 1 Jeffry Tarinay Valdez and Senior Police Officer Gruet Alinea Mantuano – were also among the 13 person killed in Atimonan, Quezon on Sunday.

Police in Quezon have initially tagged the 13 persons aboard two SUVs to be members of a big criminal syndicate from Bicol involved in gun-for-hire operations.


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