DepEd Bicol uses color coding for efficient teacher distribution

Photo courtesy of AP
Photo courtesy of AP

LEGAZPI CITY (6-Jan-2013/PNA) – Department of Education (DepEd) officials in Bicol have implemented since middle last year a color-coding scheme in an effort to reassign and redeploy teachers to public elementary and high schools in the region with insufficient number of instructors in anticipation of the upcoming opening of classes for school year 20113-2014 this June.

The scheme has also been implemented in anticipation of the prohibition of transfer of teachers by the Commission on Elections (Comelec) relative to the 2013 local and national elections and to harmonize with the K+12 curriculum requirements next school year.

Bicol has enough number of public school educators for an efficient teacher-student ratio of 1:35, but they are not properly distributed.

There are primary and secondary schools that lack teachers while there are others with excess faculty members, said Dr. Jose Bonto, DepEd Bicol administrative officer.

Under the scheme, white color is attached the to names of schools with enough number of teachers and proper ratio, black is for those in excess while red is for schools with insufficient number of educators.

The names of schools per city, district and provincial divisions are posted in bulletin boards so that applicants for transfer can choose their possible reassignment place.

Bonto said although the scheme gives a clear picture of the need for transfer of teacher from schools in excess to those in need of additional staff, Republic Act 4670 or the Magna Carta for Public School Teachers prevents DepEd from doing so, “without the consent of the teacher concerned.”

Also, Republic Act 8190 or the Localization Law bars DepEd from transferring teachers who are residents of host barangay, city or town to other areas.

Nevertheless, there are teachers requesting transfer whom Bonto appealed to take advantage of the period prior to this year’s election ban on Jan. 23 and to comply with the scheme in choosing new area of assignment.

“We can’t dictate them on what to do and where to teach. What we do is persuade teachers from excess area to accept reassignment to places nearby their domicile, say in the contiguous municipality or city. If not, the government shall be paying them traveling expenses which, we admit, we can’t also provide”, he said.

Local Deped officials lauded the Department’s 27-percent increase in its annual budget this year.

This, they said, ensures the hiring of 61,500 new teachers, construction of 60,000 classrooms, and purchase of 650,000 armchairs that will be shared by the 17 regional offices in the country.

Bicol is expected to have a share of not less than 3,000 additional teachers, 3,500 classrooms and 38,000 armchairs.

For the new teachers to be hired, R.A. 4670, R.A. 8190 and the color-coding scheme shall be incorporated in the appointments and subsequent assignments to keep up with the teacher-student ratio necessary for better public education in the region, Bonto added. (PNA)


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