Progressive Behavior


Marginal Note
Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.,

The marching orders are out, strictly toeing the line for nothing will be left for chance, that is, take the heat where it belongs.

History is reflected by actions and omissions, progressive or not in their belief that the action will lead a better life, not punitive, vindictive and self-righteous. That is the attitude we are missing nowadays. Why? That’s the big question, a question long been asked but never answered to the core, self-preservation, manipulations, make believe, the goal of defeating others are some of the stumbling blocks in finding the right answer. The equation becomes one-sided.

This was illustrated in Vernal Progressive Behavior and Attitudes, illustrative of best practice and the anathema to it. That’s the reason why most of us falter. We don’t see what’s behind the bend, always the need for what is there at the time. We shrink, we wallow in negatives, forgetting that history is a judge that we can’t escape.

In the long list of leaders, civil or political, programs and fund expenses are not centered towards progressive behavior. Oftentimes it is the coated version that we feel and see, it is a handiwork of mediocre, that’s why we are at their mercy. The culture of indifference seeps their brain cells, it carves a dent on the brain tissues of our leaders, they become rotten comparable to a decaying corpses. They belong to the circus of cheaters and corrupt.

The example of Vernal progressive behavior study if to compare what we are experiencing in our leaders are dresses-up programs of the mundane to be real, that what they’ve been doing the past years are repressive, non-productive, deceitful, manipulative, dominating, oppressive. The negative never ends. One critic his adversary, as if he was the righteous one, peer deeply in his actions, you will find out that his balls are in his mouth.

A leader’s agenda is not an orgasm diary, for you don’t record the thrills and frills of its aftermath, it should be a sensitive interpretation of the felt need of the people, it should be progress oriented but not by means of grandeur of edifices but the multiplying effects that you spent every penny economically, not that practice of overdraft thus resorting to borrowings to finance personal interest tacked in whimsical moneyed projects.

If you are a leader practice progressive behavior, don’t put your ward in a hell hole, for you eat your meals by their labor. You must be “moral, principled and conscience-driven,” not the kind of ingratiating leech that sucks no end. Find the common good where a reputation remains intact, not tarnished. You don’t feed your pack in a sea of wolves, why not instead shepherd them to a grazing ground that will enhance their self-esteem to fill their stomach. Don’t think that they are beggars, make them your partner for social development.

Facts are difficult to deny, you who supposed to lead is now the oppressor, the unscrupulous one, the dye in the wool, the dogs that bark with a bone in his mouth, the wicked. That you want change to benefit your circle, built a reputation of goodness anchored on corruption. You are a fat liar that even a swaggering fool will die laughing.

Be ashamed for there is a hall of shame. []

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