Psy’s Gangnam Style music video hits 1 billion views on YouTube


SEOUL (22-Dec-2012/PNA/Yonhap) – The music video, “Gangnam Style,” by South Korean singer-rapper Psy has become the world’s first-ever to get more than 1 billion views on YouTube, the service said Saturday.

The music video has been viewed over 1 billion times as of 00:50 a.m. (Seoul time), according to YouTube.

“Gangnam Style” took the top position on YouTube’s all-time list of most-viewed videos as of Nov. 24, surpassing the music video of “Baby” by Canadian singer Justin Bieber.

The music video also holds the Guinness World Record of “the most liked video” on YouTube with over 6.15 million “likes” as of Saturday. (PNA/Yonhap)


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