Secret billion-dollar business in RH law, lobby weakens church, neutralizes left

House of Representative. Photo courtesy of CBCPNews
House of Representative. Photo courtesy of CBCPNews

By Joey Natividad
Special Correspondent

TIGAON, Camarines Sur ( – How the Left has rallied behind in support for the controversial Reproductive Health (RH) bill in its stormy sailing into a proposed law by Congress is subject for amazement on the reason that big, global phamaceutical companies will rake in billlions of dollars worth of sales in the Philippine market within the next fifty (50) years, starting this present generation.

The Left has been known for its anti-imperialist, anti-big business, global, monopolistic capitalism, but its pro-RH bill stand has tolerated the secret lobby by the giant pharmaceutical companies to get inroads into the promising local Philippine consumer market of contraceptives, abortificants, birth-control pills, condoms, and other drugs- consumed and associated under a permissive, promiscuous, liberal- sex social culture society.

The contraceptives, condoms, and abortificant-associated drug industries are multi-billion dollar industry worldwide, and these companies make so much profits yearly as long as the human males and females are sexually-active, starting from the ages of 14 until the older years of 60-70 age brackets. “These companies will have captured, loyal markets of drugs and contraceptive Filipino consumers who will regularly purchase these items within a period of forty-fifty years of their active sexual life,” says a RH bill critic.

As background, the big drug companies have formed a well-funded lobby several decades ago in the 1960s to promote its “population- control” products.

Using several fronts, and hiding behind these issues, such as pro-Choice movements, womens’ sexual rights, family-planning, responsible parenthood, population explosion and fear of global poverty and famine – and these backed up by well-oiled public relation and advertising efforts – the lobby has succeeded in convincing the United Nations, the United States, and other European governmments in adopting the population issue as part of their “international development assistance package” when providing aid/ grants to Third World Governments.

To expand its potential global markets and make big profits, the pharmaceutical companies must counter conservative religious societies, sometimes old-fashioned civil societies, in Third- World countries, and maneuver these governmments to adopt “planned parenthood, family planning, population management, population explosion responsiveness” as part of their government policies in development. All these have been accomplished by massive PR efforts, advertisements, aids and grants, and massive population education campaign among schools world-wide..

The “overpopulation issue” is one of the scare tactics being peddled by the contraceptives lobby, and the offer of bilateral aid/grant packages to Third World governments by Western governments just to adopt “population-management (control) policies” as part of the total international development assistance effort.”

In the Philippines, the population-issue lobby has been re-invented and re-packaged into “reproductive health”, a popular rallying point that strokes gently into the gender-sensitivity and social needs of Filipino women.

The Philippines was not spared by the population lobby and it has been one of the primary targets in Southeast Asia, and its success has been strongly opposed by the religious sector, specifically the Catholic Church.

Within the last 40 years, the United States has been dangling at the Philippine government a “population management” program that has been tied-up with fat, US AID assistance packages just to get the Philippines’ adopting a population management policy. The Church has been opposing these attempts, swearing strong protests at the pulpits and rallies and demonstrations from civil/religious organizations under her wings.

The Church has seen the secret machinations by the pharmaceutical/population lobby when RH bill was filed in Congress, but it lacks the creative imagination and organization resources to articulate its opposition – a visible weakness.

As expected, the Church can articulate its opposition from the standpoint of being “the moral guardian of the right to life of the unborn.” Some critics have speculated that the weak stand by the Church to counter the population lobby might be traced to having been recipients or beneficiaries of grants and donations doled out by the lobby in the past as part of the global lobby scenario.

The Left, which is supposed to be “anti- big monopoly capitalism”, has failed to see the multi-billion dollar secret agenda of the global pharmaceutical companies when Congress deliberated over the RH bill.

“Its either, the Left was mislead into accepting that the proposed RH law is beneficial to national development, or the Left was neutralized by the lobby,” said an observer, hinting that Left-wing groups might have become beneficiaries of grants and donations from pro-lobby international funding agencies under the name of “women’s human rights”, “pro-people development programs”, and other popular people’s movements.

“One thing is sure. The Left, supposed to be the protector of people’s human rights, has neglected to protect the human rights and the right to life of the unborn Filipino child,” said an observer. “We fear that hundreds of thousands of unborn Filipinos will be slaughtered right inside the womb yearly. Who will protect their sacred human rights?”. []


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