City tourism office tap groups on digital photography techniques

Creative exposure workshop. A digital photography lenshop. Photo courtesy of Picture Box Studio
Creative exposure workshop. A digital photography lenshop. Photo courtesy of Picture Box Studio Reportorial Staff

SORSOGON CITY (12-Dec-2012) – The City Tourism Office has tapped as technical partner Picture Box Photography Studio for their Digital Photography Lenshop on the 15th of this month. The activity is one of the highlights of Sosogon Festival 2012.

Photography is an artist self-expression where it enlivens and even contrasted frames of pictures taken either by amateurs or professionals. The method comes handy if one knows the proper applications of lights, angles, focus, of details and contrasting shooting of silhouettes, shadows and the figure itself. This is a techniques that a photographer should learn.

This is one of the aims of the lenshop. It hope to re-create an atmosphere of self-interest in the beauty and abundance of Sorsogon City, where it can be pitted and exhibited in local artworks here and abroad.

The organizer of the event invited camera clubs in the city and individuals who wishes to learn more about the techniques straight from the lens of Picture Box, naming the event “Creative Exposure: A Digital Photography Lenshop, expecting that the participants will learn the techniques in using a digital camera. “This is also in consonance with the “Linang Dunong” program of the city government” Sheena Dioneda said.

As many believed photography are documentations of people, places and events which are part of history, it becomes more potent when express as a journalism tool.It conveys emotions, project fears, gives you laughter and if one is lucky, a picture may land him in the front pages of a national daily or in the electronic media.

The current tools of photographers are the DSLR, the Digital Single-Lens Reflex, With state of the art features depending on its model, its pictures tells varied stories.

Picture Box Photography Studio is a leading photography shop in the City and its clients are big names businesses and most sought after for social gatherings. They have carved a niche for themselves. This makes them the logical technical partner for the lenshop course.

The city tourism office hope to see someday that all the beauty and elegance of Sorsogon City be captured by homegrown camera talents and mount an exhibit on various themes. []

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