Calls for Pacquiao to retire mount after loss to Marquez

Marquez knockout Pacquiao in 6th round. Julie Jacobson/AP
Marquez knockout Pacquiao in 6th round. Julie Jacobson/AP

COTABATO CITY (9-Dec-2012/PNA) – Calls for Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao to retire from boxing mount after his devastating defeat from the hands of long-time nemesis Juan Manuel Marquez.

“Manny Pacquiao should retire now while his career is still up,” said Jacky Mondejar, who trained Pacquiao during his amateur days and early in his professional career in North Cotabato.

He said Pacquiao’s performance in the last three fights he had has been diminishing.

“He needs to retire with still eight belts in his hands,” he said.

Cotabatenios have been stunned by his loss to Marquez despite his preparations and predictions by boxing analysts and scribes.

Mondejar refused to issue predictions before the devastating loss of the Filipino boxing icon.

“I know both will give an accidental punch that could knock out either of them,” he said.

“In this fight, Marquez had the accidental punch that knocked Pacman out,” Mondejar said.

Aniceto Rodriguez, a businessman who had been a Pacquaio fan since the boxer rose to fame in 2001, was stunned the way Pacquiao was beaten by Marquez.

“What I predict was Pacquiao may lose but he remains standing,” Rodriguez said. “I didn’t expect it to end this way,” he added.

“I am not used to seeing Pacquiao floored; it was the first time and it hurt me too,” said Cecile Lim, a local trader, of how the fight ended.

Mondejar said Marquez may have learned that Pacquiao’s weakness was his lower jaw.

“So Pacquiao needs to retire now and enjoy the world accolade of being the only human being with belts for eight different boxing divisions,” Mondejar said, adding that two successive losses may not erase the fact the he holds eight division titles.

August Olemar, a boxing aficionado, believed that Pacquiao should ignore insinuations that he needs to fight Marquez again to regain his name.

He said boxing promoter Bob Arum wants another fight because he is set to earn more. “Win or lose for Pacquiao is still a win for Arum,” he said.

Olemar said that for Arum, Manny Pacquiao means “Money and take all.” Pacquiao sounds like “Pakyaw,” a Tagalog word for “take all.”

But Pacquiao himself said in the post-fight interview that he is still willing to fight Marquez depending on his promoter. (PNA)


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