Postal service in Naga survives on business, legal communications


NAGA CITY (07-Dec-2012/PNA) – In the era of Information Technology (IT), the Philippine Postal Corporation (PPC) survives on business and legal communications, according to an executive here.

Roger S. Albao, postmaster of Naga City, revealed the postal service survives and continues to receive mails because there are communications which the emails, text messages or other IT methods cannot carry out.

Albao said communications which involved hard copies like business and legal transactions sustain their operation even though the bulk of mails have been reduced to a fraction from the thousands before the advent of IT.

He said all legal notices from courts and billings of telecommunications companies continue to patronize their service because they required personalized hard copies of communications to their clients.

Albao said that on daily basis the post office here receives about 2,500 business and legal communications while traditional communications like personalized letters and greeting cards comprised about a hundred.

He said the volume of mail is a far cry from sacks of mails the post office here received when text messages, emails or internet communications and courier services became preferred methods of sending communications.

Albao said the number of personnel had been reduced to just 23 personnel from nearly a hundred before the new technology to serve the 27 barangays of Naga City.

But he said the four deliverymen can hardly cope with the distribution of the number of mails coming in and hopes that the target of additional 13 deliverymen can be provided next year.

Albao tapped the cooperation of the 27 village chiefs of Naga City when the number of undistributed mails accumulates.

He said he himself distributes mails to help the limited manpower in order to catch up with the backlog. (PNA)


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