DA authorizes Catanduanes university as certified rice seeds producer

Catanduanes State Colleges. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.org
Catanduanes State Colleges. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.org

LEGAZPI CITY (6-Nov-2012/PNA) – The recent elevation of Catanduanes State Colleges (CSC) into its new status as a state university was met with another success— an authorization from the Department of Agriculture (DA) to become an official source of Certified Rice Seeds (CRS).

The DA authorization given recently to the now Catanduanes State University (CSU) under the agency’s National Seed Quality Control Services (NSQCS) being provided by its Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI) is in recognition of the school’s success in producing the National Seed Industry Council (NSIC) Rc 138 rice seed variety.

Rc 138 is an inbred-seed rice variety approved by the NSIC. It yields an average of 5.4 metric ton per hectare. It matures after 111 days from sowing.

CRS are rice seeds that pass through a testing process done by the NSQCS of the DA-BPI to ensure that quality seeds of superior varieties are produced for the success of the country’s food production programs.

Seed certification is a legally sanctioned system for the quality control of seeds for sale and as a holder of the certificate granted by the NSQCS, CSU becomes an authorized dealer of NSIC Rc 138 seed variety.

Interested rice growers who would like to buy the certified rice seed can visit the office of Prof. Dolores Osido, the head of the university’s College of Agriculture and Fisheries (CAF).

In producing such seeds that are fundamental requirement for good production, the CSU was aware of the standardized methods that are available to determine the physical and varietal purity, germination, vigor, seed-borne diseases, moisture content, and other attributes of quality seeds, DA regional executive director for Bicol Jose Dayao said here on Tuesday.(PNA)


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