Bicolana Fil-Am politician sees Republican win in U.S. polls

William Applegate and Chit Natividad-Applegate march with supporters in a campaign rally on a street in San Francisco in 2008. Contributed Photo

By Joey Natividad
Special Correspondent

TIGAON, Camarines Sur ( – A Fil-Am politician in the San Francisco-Bay Area (California) is convinced Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is going to win the U.S. presidential race.

“We are going to have a new Republican administration at the White House,” said Conchita “Chit” Natividad-Applegate, who told this correspondent, her younger brother, by mobile phone earlier when the U.S. presidential election was heating up few months ago.

Madam Conchita Natividad-Applegate was a candidate for Representative at the Legislative Assembly of the State Government of California in 2008, a post similar to the Philippine Congress, representing the 12th district of San Francisco-Daly city area. She lost the race when she was pitted against a Democrat incumbent in a district which is a solid Democrat.

As of Monday, November 5, reports from the U.S. say that Barack Obama is enjoying 48% approval rating, while Romney is close to 47%, a close fight which, some states having their swing votes, could determine the final outcome of US election on November 7.

Madam Applegate, with her husband William “Bill” Applegate have been campaigning hard in support of their Republican candidates. She did not run this election despite invitations for her to run under the Republican Party.

While the U.S. election campaign has been heating up several months ago, Madam Applegate told this correspondent by phone that she remembered her time in 2008 when she ran for the Representative post at California’s State Assembly.

Madam Apllegate said that running as official candidate under the Republican Party in 2008, it was a tough challenge for her that the campaign period stretches from April until November. The toughest part was how to win in a solid Democrat stronghold in San Francisco and Daly City, California, when during that time the American electorate mood had been gathering momentum for a Democrat presidency. San Francisco and Daly City is under12th District.

For Chit (her nickname), she was going against snowball-rolling opinion that time in the U.S. against Republican candidates. Her opponent was also a tough one to tackle – an incumbent Democrat.

Chit was strongly endorsed by then California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, actor and politician. That time, Schwarzenegger, a Republican, was already on his second term as Governor on January 5, 2007.

She also has strong backing from the Republican Party, including moral support from Bill Simon, a prominent businessman and politician. In 2002, Simon run for Governor in California, but lost.

During her candidacy, Madam Applegate got elected as President of prestigious California Club.

Chit’s husband, Bill, was campaign chairman of the Republican Party in the Bay Area during that time.

Her campaign centered on traditional, conservative Republican themes: One country, family, and hard work.

Despite the presence of Fil-Ams in the area who are mostly Democrats and divided, Chit did not make it.

Chit was born in Naga City and finished her high school in Colegio de Santa Isabel, and college at the Ateneo de Naga. While staying in the Philippines before migrating to the U.S. in 1996, she had been involved in humanitarian assistance work, like fund-sourcing for ERDA (Education Research Development Assistance) which give education assistance to 25,000 pre-school and kindergarten kids yearly in the Philippines.

Chit is the elder sister of correspondent and associate editor Joey Natividad. []


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