BU offers foreign language courses

Bicol University. Photo by Jay Henry Ermac/Flicker.com
Bicol University. Photo by Jay Henry Ermac/Flicker.com

LEGAZPI CITY (29-Oct-2012/PNA) – The Bicol University (BU), the leading state in the region, is offering courses in international language studies.

The BU Language Center (BULC)has been facilitating the training of faculty members handling such courses and sponsoring awareness-raising activities for specific foreign languages to promote interest and appreciation for other cultures and languages.

BU president Fay Lea Patria Lauriaya on Monday said the school has entered into a partnership venture with the Spanish government’s Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) for the promotion of mutual cultural exchange and language learning.

Along with this collaboration, two BU professors- Inocencio Bermundo and Expedito Lobetania – underwent a summer scholarship program last April to May at the Instituto de Cervates in Manila which covered the Spanish language learning and teaching strategies and methodologies in language teaching.

The full scholarship was granted by the Embassy of Spain with the cooperation of the BULC, BU College of Education (BUCE) and BU College of Arts and Letters (BUCAL).(PNA)


  1. Good morning,

    I would like to inquire about foreign study. I wanted my daughter to learn English in BU because I found out hat bikol is more peaceful and safe compared to Manila.. She 18 years old only basic english she knows..

    I would like o know fees and if there’s a short courses that old be taken during holidays. Let me know po!

    Thank you


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