Amendments of Executive Order No. 14-2012 inconsistent


By Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.

SORSOGON CITY – The amended provisions of Executive Order No. 14-2012 of Sorsogon City is more of a political act said Carlito Goyena of Bulan town, a regular bus commuter who for years patronizes the ease and comfort of long distance travel by servicing bus lines plying the Legazpi City-Bulan route and vice-versa. It was an example of inconsistencies.

Goyena is visibly irked with the amended provision that the north to south travel points of local buses will not be dropping off and loading passengers bound to Legazpi City or Bulan at the common terminal in Barangay Balogo because Executive Order No. 14-A and EO 14-B requires them to by-pass the terminal. Such crafting is without logic and was only meant to appease the jeepney groups who petitioned the city mayor for reasons that is political than commuters welfare, he said.

Such observation is a subject matter since the political climate in the Province of Sorsogon today is a far cry from the 2010 political scenario.

The amendments are flawed, said Goyena for what was amended by EO 14-A is Section IV(a), xxx. Buses coming from Legazpi City and bound for Bulan or Matnog are allowed to enter the Common/Grand Terminal to unload Sorsogon City bound passengers, however, they are not allowed to load or pick-up south bound passengers. xxx, however, Section IV-A of EO 14-2012 deals with the Sorsogon Grand Terminal Management. It is Section V(6) that covers the Legazpi-Bulan(via Sorsogon)Buses which is being amended. Fiasco he said, adding a query to the management of the common terminal for not digesting the provisions being amended. It is deemed not effective because of its inconsistencies, said Goyena.

Perusing the documents, it was clear that the amended section is inconsistent. It is the same with the amendment covered by EO 14-B in Section IV that revised and added to the section, referring to the amendment covered by EO 14-A as expressed by EO 14-2012.

Clarifying, Executive Order 14-B, 2012 amended Section IV(a) of EO 14-A which amended EO 14-2012. The amendment deals with a wrong section as explicitly provided by the original executive order. Thus the effectivity and enforcement of the amended provisions is null and void and without basis.

The unseen error has a magnitude effect to the operation of the common terminal and the riding public. It is detrimental to the interest of a legitimate franchise secured by Legazapi-Bulan bus operators and overbearing for the EO’s usurps the legislative power of the Sangguinian Panglungsod for it not only dictates, it is suspending albeit temporarily operable provisions of Municipal Ordinance duly enacted by the Municipal Council of Sorsogon in the absence of a legislated city traffic code before the creation of Sorsogon City.

The observation was assailed by East District Councilor Victorino Daria III in his privilege speech.

The amendments were strongly felt by the passengers bound to Bulan town who prefer to ride in southbound buses and shortchanged the management of the Sorsogon Grand Terminal. The solution in this aspect favors jeepney groups who petitioned the city mayor demanding that “ buses from Legazpi City going to Bulan should not enter the city proper instead they should take the diversion road because they are loading the passengers going to Bulan and Irosin which affect us very much”.

The tendency if prolonged is that the executive order of the mayor will have a permanency in applications after the lapse of its prescriptive period. It is prudent and incumbent upon the issuing authority to lift the EO within the time frame. It should not wait discussion of the issue in legal forum, that’s effective governance, critics of the city mayor said.

It is recalled that one of the premise of EO No. 14-2012 is to protect the interest of the transport drivers and operators while caring for the convenience of the riding public and the concerns of the business sector, that traffic rules shall be established, implemented and tested through a dry run. It must be remembered that the Local Traffic Administration Council as created by the EO will only be dissolved once the City Traffic Code has been formulated and passed through an enactment of an ordinance.

When is a question of condition reflex of city public official’s task to do their sworn duty as public servants.


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